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Saturday began at 7:58 pm. the time when the sun was in the sky was meaningless and inconvenient. blinds were shut, movies were started, naps interrupted. I drove the long way ’round to the side of water I grew up on (but was not born in). I live now where I was born. only because I have a thoughtful and forward-thinking mother who was determined to bear me in a city that people know on a map, so I could grow up and tell people I was born IN Seattle and not have to lie about it to save time explaining what a “Kirkland” is. however, I like to tell that fun fact and thusly it adds time I was originally to save about the fascinating story of my birthplace.

Saturday night. went to Kirkland. Long way ’round. met up with a photographer bud to shoot some “Gucci Goth” (as he referred to it) shots around a marina. I approached Kirkland looking like a 90s goth club kid—all black asymmetrical dress, floppy black boots and a bowler hat. and let’s not ignore the bedazzled cross tank atop. I approached the sidewalk, dodging girls in neon sneakers and shorts, flipping their pony tails as they jogged with their tiny muppet dogs.

Definitely born in Seattle, not so much Kirkland.

after successful night time shoot with purple lipstick and wading in the water full of rocks, I maneuvered my way back to Seattle just in time to stop and grab a gluten-free pizza (pictured). got it to go, cuz I had to go. watch. STEPHEN CHOW MOVIES.

12:30 am, still “early”. Settled in, reading Murakami short stories (the elephant vanishes) when phone rings around 1:38 am. my friend Jazz! it must be an emergency!


Me: Hello!?
J: Hey! How’s it going?
Me: fine! (hand over phone, it’s not an emergency).

We met up, went for a walk. we went a little off-course and straight into the 24 hour grocery store where we spent way too long looking at things we didn’t need or could have and danced around the aisles (literally), making jokes. I bought her some eggs, rice cakes and an apple with my EBT because she forgot her wallet after all of that prancing around. I bought kombucha, which I never have and now I remember why: it constantly spills on you.

I eventually managed to drink it all and I don’t feel sleepy. it didn’t specifically SAAAAAY “energy” anywhere on the bottle, but now it’s 5:23 am and that is 28 minutes later than I was up last night. so…

That was Saturday.
J and I are going to write a grocery store episode wherein I get totally screwed over BBQ flavored corn nut prices.
based on a true story.

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August 12, 2012 days