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Here are some results from the shoot I did last week! Photography by Rachel Sumner and outfits all designed and created by Liz Spencer! Shot at the Seattle public library.

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Devin has been out of town and I have been all about town. Yesterday was a big day full of movies with gruesome freak-out tactics (SERIOUSLY Black Swan, ENOUGH with the naaaillllsss! made breaking his own arm off in 127 Hours an easy watch!), old (and current) comedy buddies, striped shirts, and boozing with Jenni & Nils(son).

Today was a bit easier, with a short work shift and a (literally) empty korean tapas bar with Caitlin, Reese and Jared. I love them, I laugh (corn and cheese) and learn (gotta start shopping at Grocery Outlet!) so much when they’re around! They were playing K-pop videos on the screen all night and I ate a lot of kimchi. I was pumped about that since the last episode I watched of Boys Over Flowers they were making and eating kimchi. Now I can relate to Korean people, which is exciting.

Tomorrow will be my first (and last) Christmas Eve with the co-workers at Dante’s. even though it is a frat guy hang out next to strip club, it’s a pretty cool bar (excluding beer pong night).


  1. Jessi says:

    Work it, girl!

    Also, you got the thumbnails working! Yay!!!

    • alextthomas says:

      haha I had to install a thing and then do a thing, but it works! only too a little while to figure out! excited!

      also, unnn jeeaahhhh, working iiitttt

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