second of 5 feburary shoots, with Lonnie Webb. When I spoke to him on the phone he gave me the impression of being a long haired, laid back surfer dude in his 30s. then I met him and I was way off! It’s so interesting to meet photographers in person because they know what I look like but it’s always a surprise on my end. Lonnie was such a fun guy to shoot with. his personal style was perfectly put together that only he could pull off. coifed hair, casio watch, long gold key necklace and sweet warby parker style glasses. anyone else would have easily come off as a douche bag on first impression, but he was so charming and genuine and didn’t even swear! it was cute. what a cool guy! he’s so talented in photography, I hope to shoot with him again soon before everyone catches on to his talent and he gets too busy!!

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Make up by Ja
Styled by Voss

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in the first 2 weeks of feb I had 5 test shoots I coordinated with various photographers. it was pretty exciting. one of the shoots I did involved projecting images onto a wall/me, which was lots of fun. This one I did with Erik Simkins, who has some great street photography and behind the scenes stuff on his site. We worked only with film, and I really like how the grain and roughness of these photos give it another dimension of sort.

[nggallery id=4]

There was a kitten there named Edda, who looked like a tiny mainecoon cat. well, I assumed it was a cat but it was shaved in a way that it could have been an alien species that could mimic simliar attributes of an earth cat. it had giant green eyes that penetrated my soul to it’s core. I was a little obsessed with it because it played hard to get (see: skiddish) unless I had a tiny treat for it, and then it commenced crackhead attack mode.

the apartment in which we took pictures in was not the photographer’s, but a friend of his. it was decorated in a way that when he said he was a graphic designer, I understood immediately. it was very well styled. I hope they are a successful graphic designer, but if not they could always rely on contemporary hip interior decorating as a fall back.

I have many more shoots to post and a few more to come in March. I can’t wait!

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I used to hate tea. Don’t know why I had such a strong opinion over it either way, I don’t remember even trying any when I was younger. This was also a time in my life where I would eat a lot of grossly saturated foods of sorts and thus, tea was a bland stale taste in comparison. tastes change, people change, tea stays the same. and it’s actually quite amazing. I’m admittedly quite obsessed with it now, having invested in many pricey devices to ensure I can quickly–without loss in quality–enjoy tea every day. I take everyone who peaks interest to a chinese tea shop downtown where we sit for hours and try every tea they have. loose leaf tea is my preferred tea snobbery of choice. I like that the tea has health benefits of different types, it’s fun to feel healthy and put good things in your body!

I just wonder if I had enjoyed tea 6 years ago as much as I do now, if there was a definite sliding door of a parallel path in my life that I missed. dramatic, I know. obviously things now would not be affected from one night several years past, but maybe there could have been more clarity from accepting a certain tea offer that I flippantly refused so long ago.

I remember the moment so vividly, when the tea was offered. I was getting ready to leave his apartment after a well needed talk was convoluted and not going so smoothly. the words exchanged other than “stay, I’ll make us some tea” and me refusing with “tea has too watered down of a flavor”, I don’t recall much else. He was leaning on the back of his couch and playfully put his hands in my jacket pockets as he made such an offer. it was adorable and I probably panicked. feeling overwhelmed that he was so close and casually being somewhat intimate for the first time, I pulled away not wanting him to see my cheeks light up with a red hue. I did feel that way about tea, though.

had I stayed for a talk over tea, would I have gotten that ease of mind I needed at the time?
perhaps depending on the tea. some tea has good un-clouding effects on the mind.
thinking about it now, he also offered numerous opportunities to talk over other such beverages but I blew it every time. so I guess the struggle was all my own over those immature tea-disliking years.

when tea is offered to you, drink!

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2012 is going to be big, I feel it in my bones. I wouldn’t describe myself as superstitious, although by definition maybe I am. I don’t mind thinking “because I do one thing a certain way, it will affect something completely uncontrollable or unrelated”, because I like to make believe. I believe what you do on New Years will affect what’s to come next. I like to spend it with people that I hope to see a lot of and I wear an outfit that might sway the theme of the new year. you got to set it off right! not every year is going to be spectacular, some have more downs than ups or things don’t go the way you planned. but I know 2012 is going to be challenging and life changing more than any other year. If 2011 was a comfortable warm sloth, 2012 is going to be a raging running lion.

January 1, 2012 photos

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(listen to some lightrain ambiance.)

I miss the rain. it rained all summer, I was thrilled. now everyone has been saying it’ll be an “Indian Summer”, it has been 80 degrees all weekend. I am allergic to the sun real bad, and that’s not just the new realized goth in me pretending to be dramatic. I burn, I get heat rash, sunstroke, dehydration, dizziness… instantaneously! I swear! I am a delicate flower. well, maybe more like a moss or fern-type plant. something that steers clear of sunlight. I love Seattle because it is overcast and misty. I also love that no one is outside when it rains. the sound and the smell make me nostalgic for life. my heart hurts when it rains because I love it so much and I don’t know how else to proclaim my love for it.

I think about Japan a lot. before, when I longed to live there, I imagined myself there in Tokyo. I would imagine looking out the window, out of my apartment and it would be raining. my heart would skip a beat at the thought as if I just made eye contact with a junior high school crush. Thinking of smelling and listening to and watching rain fall is the equivalent to wanting to obtain a crush’s returned feelings. I never know when the rain will come next or for how long, but I wish it would stick around and let me be with it forever.


I made this flickr gallery of beautiful atmospheres involving a rainy day.

.Schoolkids walking home: near Izumino, Kanagawa大雨 - heavy rainwisemans

Met her at once.WaitingComing DownCoffeeshopat night

rain reign, a gallery on Flickr.

September 12, 2011 photos

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posing in my tent bed with sleepy time pikachu and tokyo le tigre.

but without the cold, hard, wet, dirt ground. I just thought I should let you guys (the 3 of you who read this (hi mom)) know that my bedroom is awesome. When we came back to the states, we rushed to find a place to live. I was severely depressed from the tragedy in Japan and dearly missed our 194 square foot tatami mat apartment. I figured I had to make the best of our situation being back in Seattle and decided I needed a really amazing apartment.

I had always been obsessed with theme hotels (even before Osaka Love Hotels) and knew about the Hotel Fox in Denmark with it’s many different rooms all created by different artists (SO COOL). I saw this room and thought “I could do that”. I already had a collection of forest wall murals. Thus began my creative endeavor to make Devin build us a forest room. Devin only agreed if he could have a side flap to get in and out of the tent because being 6’7″ and just turning 30 he is “too old for this shit”. ‘this shit’ being: crawling in and out of beds. I will forever sleep in some sort of fort that requires crawling and rolling around until the day of my demise. fact.

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Awhile ago I tried to post a picture of my room but no one believed it was mine! I can understand that. who do you know that sleeps in a tent bed in real life? Probably no one, this is totally an internet find sort of bedroom if I say so myself. but someone has to make it (and sleep in it)! Feel free to be inspired to make your own tent/gypsy/cave/bed dwelling! IT IS SO FUN EVERY NIGHT.

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Yesterday I got the bad news. My beloved Fuji Natura Classica camera cannot be fixed. not easily, not cheap, not in the US, not without a part that can’tbe obtained. the $350 camera (sometimes more, but never less) is unfixable. It fell, it hit a floor. the lens wouldn’t come out without screaming in pain and the shutter wouldn’t let go. I had a 1600 B&W Neopan in the camera still with 14 shots left. I was able to save the film, but what a waste. they don’t even make that kind anymore? I want another Fuji Natura ASAP, but I haven’t had extra funds for over 7 months and still no job. I’m maxed out, bottom of the barrel. it’s bad. all I want is my camera. the best film camera I’ve ever had, and the most expensive, straight from Japan. sigh.

My flickr Fuji Natura set.
I love you, Classica!
I miss you!

July 16, 2011 photos

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I miss the every day engrish in japan and making it my blog titles. I mean, I miss a hell of a lot of things from japan. when I was in japan, I could only come up with 3 things I missed from america (in order): friends, bbq chips and string cheese. I missed my parents too, only because they love me more the farther away I am.

Devin and I have been settling into seattle again. it’s barely been a month since we have returned. living in japan now feels like a dream. we moved to Queen Anne, in an apartment building that was built during seattle’s 1962 world fair! it’s so cute (I want to say かわいい)! It has windows I have been searching for since 2008. windows to take a self-portrait through with drawings on the glass.

I entered it into the Phoot Camp application. 30 people are chosen, fly down to a reserved awesome area and shoot photos all weekend. I can’t think of anything more amazing then meeting talented people, spending days just shooting and creating awesome things. the gathering and cooperation of random strangers to make something amazing together always brings a tear of joy to my eye. sometimes they pull that shit in commercials and it gets me. damn you, marketing. (I love you movies).

still adjusting to being back, but feeling better with all my friends around. I am quick to adapt so I’m ready to take on things with determination to make japan a reality once again. I signed up for japanese classes, because when I go back I wanna hit on some dudes in the arcade (don’t tell devin). YOSHA~!!

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Growing up in the Seattle area, I have had only 2 earthquake experiences. both went something along the lines of
“whats happening?”
“is this an earthquake?”
“it is confirmed an earthquake-what is the best thing to do?”
…earthquake over before your thought process can finish. 20 seconds, tops. the 8.9 (9.0?) earthquake that hit japan was nothing simple to describe, but I’ll do my best to tell you how that day personally unfolded.

The news reporter on TV all night and his crooked protective headwear.


April 5, 2011 days, photos, travel

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nilsbed, originally uploaded by whatsuptiger.

“It’s Gob(nils)lin spelled backwards!” Nils and I had a shoot today in his apartment for his album. It was fun, as taking photos with friends tends to be.

I’ve been debating with myself wether to keep up a blog or not. it would obviously just be for my own amusement since I know a total of 1 (maybe even 2) people read this. I apologize for abandoning it, especially after working so hard to customize a wordpress, damn that shit was tough.

I haven’t been documenting my life at all these past few years as much as I used to. this is the time to do it, if ever, as many a great things have been happening! 2010 was a slow start, but I had lots of faith in it. once I turned 25 I figured out the formula: even numbered years and odd numbered ages are the best combos of my life. It’s all math, really.

I keep procrastinating, blaming non-blogging on film development. I tell myself I’ll back-log entries, but honestly… c’mon. as a mature 25 year old woman, I am learning quickly to stop lying to myself. I’ve been with myself for 25 whole years, who knows me better than me? me. the answer is me.

I have 4 big goals to reach in 4 months. I feel like I’m making pretty good time so far. although it’s been approx 1 day since I wrote them down on paper.

GANBATTANEEE (がんばってね~!), ME!

September 15, 2010 days, photos

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