I finally got access to some really old photos my uncle scanned ages ago. I found some photos specifically of/from my grandpa’s old house up in Anacortes. for the past few months I’ve been wanting to go back to the area, and have been dreaming of that old house. I had forgotten how breath taking the view was, as the last time I was there I was probably in junior high. I remember calling that island full of trees ‘dinosaur island’ when I was little because it looked like a dino laying down to me. I told everyone that’s what it was called, as if that was fact. My grandpa had a huge backyard for my grandma to garden in. If I were to go back today it would probably seem smaller. all the halls were decorated with masks and artifacts from my grandpa’s worldly travels. India, France, Africa etc etc. the fire place was all jagged stone. there was no basement, but just a garage and a wine cellar down stairs. they had the perfect kitchen and dinning room for entertaining guests. it was huge and beautiful. my most vivid memory of my grandma ruby is her in the kitchen at her favorite seat smoking, playing solitaire and watching murder she wrote. for family holiday gatherings I mostly stayed in the computer room playing old games on 5″ floppy disks. I had no cousins my age, and I liked the games better anyway. when I stayed over, my visits consisted of eating a lot of bread with margarine, renting ‘Ernest Bloopers’ on VHS from Island Video over and over and taking a bath every night before bed.

the house was sold a few years after my grandma ruby passed in 1996. I wish I could see that house again.

May 18, 2010 photos

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For a few days, there was a decapitated rat lying near my apartment on the sidewalk with it’s spine sticking out. it took a few days before bugs were eating it inside out. then it disappeared a day after that. I was surprised how long it lasted there, and every time I left the apartment I’d look for it. it wasn’t until a few weeks later that I remembered a few months ago I came across a decapitated bird with it’s wings posed in a heart. then my mind raced wildly with the connection, because I watch far too many movies. could there be some sort of monster on the loose in the capitol hill area? maybe a tiny werewolf? or perhaps a really disturbed homeless person? or maybe even a person with a home who is just fucking creepy insane. in these economic times, I wouldn’t put it past anyone to snap to the point of decapitating small defenseless animals.

what eats the top half of a rat and leaves the spine out!?
I’m (sort of) on the case.

May 18, 2010 photos

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the hip hop creamery, originally uploaded by whatsuptiger.

Two Sundays ago, Devin and I jaunted down to Pike Place Market because I decided I wanted to be more “Seattle-like”. Also, the farmer’s market isn’t up and running till May near my place and I wanted some cheap veggies (and honey sticks). It was such an adventure! I used to go to PP a lot as a kid growing up with my aunt. Then in high school, my best friend at the time and I would go (what felt like) every Sunday and park for an hour (one nearby garage had free parking for an hour, not anymore) and do everything we could (as in buy and eat handmade corn dogs and MINI-DONUTS). These days I’m just shoppin for cheap veggies, like I’m a “Seattle-like” grown up. I still don’t know how to cook though. A cool guy with a cool mustache working at a veggie stand gave Devin and I some free carrots with my squash and also a little cartoon vampire ornament. I don’t know where the latter came from, but I felt I made a new friend.


April 7, 2010 days, photos

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empty depth, originally uploaded by whatsuptiger.

Rachel and I went to Alder Lake for a day a couple weeks ago. I took 3 cameras with me, I just got some medium format pentacon six pics back. some shots were overexposed. the lake was completely dry. we had a picnic by some guys on a dock who weren’t catching any fish. there was no wind, and one cloud was blocking our view of mt. rainier. the stumps were a cool wasteland effect. everything was blue and green with a gradient into a yellow brown. we saw a giant dam, and a tiny town. it was a good day to get out, even just for a little while.

March 30, 2010 photos, travel

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deadheart, originally uploaded by whatsuptiger.

I shot some cool things on this roll from my fuji natura, however I dropped it off to be developed at the end of the day inside a fred meyer with a one-hour photo section that’s probably at the end of it’s existence. it was developed horribly and lost a lot of detail most likely due to dirty chemicals. it’s my fault, those kids don’t know what they’re doing. I gotta learn to just pay double for high quality development.

anyway, that’s my sad rant.

here’s a dead bird without a head in the shape of a heart I saw on the street at 2 in the morning walking home a few weeks back. would’ve looked nicer if it was developed correctly. but how nice can a dead headless bird turn out, clean chemicals or not?

March 15, 2010 photos

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just my bear checkin out the sunset from my room, taken with my D90. I’ll miss all the shadows the blinds cause in this apartment. the next one will have some vertical blinds. my sunny blind world will be turned sideways!

February 21, 2010 photos

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