king of the pirates

my One Piece shirt I got at Uniqlo! SO EXCITED!! I’M GONNA BE KING OF THE PIRATES! I feel empowered when I wear it, like I am luffy. He will be the king of the Pirates, I believe in him! This picture was taken at our main subway stop on the Maranouchi Subway line, Nakano-Shimbashi! it is a tiny station. it looks pretty old and ignored. there are so many pipes, wires and¬†grimy¬†details on the ceiling, it feels like I am in Akira. the rest of Japan is pretty clean though.

March 7, 2011 style

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I haven’t been able to sign up with any modelling agencies yet, because they all require a work visa… yet no agency will sponsor for you to get a visa. you have to have another job or be a student in order to model on the side. I have been contacting various photographers in tokyo, and met up with one the other day to talk about some ideas for a trade for portfolio.

his name is fabian parkes, and I love his work. we did some snaps after having coffee together in harajuku and came up with a few good shots. the problem is my hair is way too similar to another model’s already in his portfolio.

we shot down this alley, which was empty when we got there. as the hour went by and the sun set, tons of people and cars were going through. it sort of messed up the flow of taking shots because we had to keep pausing. when I left the apartment that day to meet him, I had a gut feeling I wasn’t going to be posing my best that day. I wish I could have just made his face explode with some really good shots, but I wasn’t hitting my stride. bummer. I’m going to change my hair and contact him again, hopefully we can work together and create something really amazing! he’s so talented!

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February 27, 2011 days, style

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Since we got here it’s been kind of chilly. We headed to Harajuku yesterday with a mission of getting a giant black sweater and a backpack for me. Every place was already in Spring season selling mode, but I managed to find the perfect giant black sweater in a basement of a 6 story Forever 21. the bag I got from WeGo, a vintage/new clothing store, is very soft leather and matches my hair. It was a hard decision between a few bags. this one was surprisingly (only because I couldn’t read the sale signs) on sale! about to pay $30, but it ended up being $23! EVEN BETTER. I love it!!

Future mission: Scarf and Beanie.

February 8, 2011 style

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Jen and I filmed this last week at my work Scarecrow Video, at 2 in the morning. If by some Christmas miracle I win this contest, I will have monies for Japan and some awesome shoes. I was late entering it, so I don’t think I have a chance at getting enough points, but I would have regretted it even more for at least not even trying to enter! While we were shooting it, every cool dance move I’ve ever known had fell out of my head. I don’t mind at this point, I am just glad I got it done.

December 6, 2010 create, style

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I’m terrible. I had Devin take these photos because I was going to use myself as a drawing reference to sketch some things. I saw how these photos turned out, and fell in love with myself (this is not the first time). Wasn’t there some roman greek idiot who saw his reflection in a pool and then died because he stared at the pool forever and starved (probably looking continually great, loosing weight)? Clearly I don’t remember, but it could have been me.

It’s 3AM and I’m depriving myself of sleep because I keep going back to these photos. I just want to draw again. what a fiasco. I’m letting myself indulge (…myself), because for the past 4 or so years I haven’t felt as attractive as I used to feel. Oh those LJ days when I was 19 and totally into myself… It was that age that most people start to be more self aware, and I was in full throttle. Over time I developed a thing called ‘humility’. I recently dyed my hair to blonde for a third time. a lot has happened in my psyche since the last time I was blonde, 2 years prior.

My main point in bringing this up (to myself, since no one reads this but me), is right now I am reading this incredible shoujo manga called ‘MARS’ from 1996. The main character (a beautiful young guy, ‘bishonen’ if you will) reveals he had a twin. Later it is further revealed his twin committed suicide. There is an image and a moment in the manga where he is looking at his twin, dead on the pavement (jumped from the school roof). “He saw himself dead”.

Beautiful twins! oh how I wish I could watch myself without a mirror! I’d make myself laugh, I’d dress myself up! If I were twins, I would do me. I’m my own type. I fascinate myself, which is retarded. let me lie here, drowning in the reflection pool. end of self indulgence.

December 5, 2010 style

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bboat stands for BEST BIRTHDAY OF ALL TIME. I just made that up right now, it’s not a thing. well, it’s now a thing because it had to be invented because I HAD THE BBOAT!!! I feel like I’m the only person in the world who cares about bdays. the moment my 24 hours are up, I’m already counting down to my next one. August 16th has got to be the WORST day ever–it’s the farthest away from my next birthday.

Summary in key phrases: bar take-over (mingle upstairs!/dance downstairs!), anime (flcl, cowboy bebop, cyber city, & interstella 5555) on the projection screen all night, 80s/90s mix radio, had bartender (from our PRIVATE BAR) serve a drink I made up with candy fruit slices called “Aces Wild”, 3 outfit changes, 80+ people, instant $300 bar tab covered, DANCE PERFORMANCE WITH JEN MOORE–involving spotlights, a microphone and a janet jackson finale, 3 suju songs on the speakers, multiple cameras, color changing wall lights, and a disco bra.

August 17, 2010 days, style

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Devin and I checked out a local park and attempted to take photos but the sun was pretty much set at this point. we’ll go back when the sun is higher in the sky. in the mean time, using high iso on your digital camera at dusk and then lightening pictures in photoshop comes out to be a pretty awesome grainy 70s advertisement. I’m pretty excited about it. and rompers. I love rompers. I think although my wardrobe consists of mostly black and gray, for the summer time I should collect another monotone collection of brown and ivory colored clothes (if money allows), for a more light feeling wardrobe. plus, it’ll look better with my hair and eyes. I’ll save blacks for winter and blonde hair this year.


July 4, 2010 style

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This photo is me on Coney Island! dirty weird and run-down, just as I had hoped! Returned last night from a 10 day trip to New York and Virginia. I mostly wore just black, a little gray. I had to shop before I left on the trip to get shorts and tanks, it reached 100 degrees and was stupid humid. gross. that’s all the summer I needed. I came back to Seattle and it’s cloudy and 60 degrees. perfect! even on July 1st! My mom bought me those sandals before I left for my trip. I wore them 8/10 days, they were great. I only owned that hat for 4 days before I got caught in a freak rainstorm in New York and it warped and shrank. I bought a new summer straw hat later in Richmond.

I have 14 rolls of photos to scan!

July 1, 2010 style, travel

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It’s been done. two weeks ago monday was the day. up until then, the aggravating boring limp hair was driving me to insanity. I could take it no longer, once my mind is set that is all that can happen. turns out most salons are expensive and closed on mondays. I stumbled upon a yelp article with 2 reviews, both 5 stars. a quaint homey salon called “Marcel’s Hair Design” located all the way out in crown hill, open on mondays. I called up and made an appointment. On the other end of the phone was a flamboyant and cheerful middle aged man’s voice. I felt good about that, I wondered if he was Marcel. When all was well and done, I went to pay and not surprisingly found they only take checks and cash. a salon stuck in time! the perfect time for my hair!


April 29, 2010 style

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today I split my ever growing (!!) bangs down the middle. it looks like I should have a ponytail in the back, but there is nothing there! I haven’t parted my hair down the middle since I was 16. I have a large fore(5)head, so after high school I learned to part it on the side, or just have bangs always. Lately I’ve been increasingly aggravated with my hair, and trying new things because I’ve been bored with all my hats. I’ve been resisting so hard to cut it short so I can get a big head of curls soon. so much work! I’m so impatient!

I decided that I won’t cut my hair short (I wanted to this summer) until I leave for Japan. NEW HAIR PLAN! grow it for the next 10 months and towards the end… pink, platinum and lavender. not all at once, though. you’ll see~!

I also wore a feather headband to work with that green poncho and moccasins with big flared jeans. only two co-workers gave me non-japanese peace signs. my mascara and pink cheeks make me want to attempt a doll-like mori style~!!

March 17, 2010 style

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