New Wig! Another from the Wicked brand, since I loved that other one so much. this one is a few inches shorter than the dark brown one, and it has long bangs. Long hair is so tolerable when you can take it off at any time! I want to start wearing wigs on the regular. I’m looking into wig holder displays and as soon as I have some extra money, I’m going to start investing in more wigs. I bought both for reasonable prices (under $40!) at a small but large costume shop in Redmond called A Masquerade!

Sometime soon this will appear in a photo shoot I’m doing with Andrew Waits!

I can’t Wait(s)! oh geeze, I went there.

Nearly every time I put something away in the french area at work, I come across a 1960s Bridget Bardot movie and stare at her hair for a really long time. I love big hair. I also love short hair. I love almost all hair. the 60s had a lot of great great hairstyles. probably my favorite, now that I think about it. more wigs where I can do all sorts of 60s hairs please.

on my “to get” wigs list:
light pink bob
jazz fingerwave wig (blonde or red)
shoulder length lavender

Although a lot of times I’m torn thinking that wigs are a cop out and having REAL hair doing REAL things is way better. but all these inbetween cuts are driving me nuts. I messed up my hairplan, it’s taking forever to get to the next style. and sometimes some outfits look better with certain cuts than others. so yeah, I had ACTUAL pink hair once and an ACTUAL blonde mohawk… but my style changes faster than my hair. my hair can’t keep up.

one time I toyed with shaving my head which would give me the excuse to wear wigs everyday. maybe in a few years, if I deem my skull non-lumpy or monster fetus like Britney Spears. we’ll see if I’m still brave enough or good looking enough to pull it off.

I love wigs. (reason number a million why I was born the wrong sex and should’ve been a drag queen.)

March 1, 2010 style

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Valetine’s day was rushed and stressful, but became the greatest valetine’s (or just day) of all time! I really had my mind set on having a pink bob wig. I figured it wouldn’t be hard to find. WRONG. after waking up super late today, and watching british comedy TV with devin, the mad rush began to come up empty handed to find this wig before our 5:30 dinner reservations.

February 14, 2010 days, style

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