Cat’s favorite is to stroll

my mind wanders too rapidly to focus these days. I got my blog back (thanks mom!) but can’t think of one thing to focus on. so from here, I will ramble. It will be as random as a cat in a bag. speaking of which, check out this cat in a bag. my new friend has a cat–probably the best cat I’ve ever met–and this cat has no name. it is fluffy, talkative (only when you first meet) and complacent. he likes to play, but only for a minute.

my new friend and I had a casual Sunday, a type of comfortable hang time I knew existed but hadn’t been available to me for quite sometime. the type of hang out where no plans are made before hand except the reassurance of seeing each other. plans that had no set time arrival or departure. it was quite natural and the hang flow fell right into place, like an easy game of tetris. the type of hang you see common place in 90s sitcoms, where there are no boundaries from neighbors. did I mention, we are neighbors? in a really cool neighborhood? in Seoul?

I believe it’s mostly understood that Sunday is a relaxing day. you might sleep in, take it easy. read something, catch up on a hobby, sit on a couch, watch a show (maybe a few extra eps), get dressed (maybe), run an errand (just one), eat whatever, whenever. It was like we were synchronized swimmers on this easy Sunday afternoon. We texted, I moseyed, we wandered on our way to a collective errand, made a bonus stop (because, like, it was on the way, no big deal), sauntered, chatted. We nearly interrupted each other’s thoughts with identical sentences. This is almost sounding like an impossible romance.

speaking of which, we watched a movie (that we simultaneously thought to watch) about an impossible french romance and then took a much craved food break followed by a candy break. candy break needed a candy run and we took meow meow (temporary cat name holder for no name cat) with us to our miniature local grocery store (that’s more like a large convenience stop). I was endlessly amused about this cat out and about.

It was a just a laid back hang out in which we shared a brain. we could have done these things separately on this easy Sunday, but I always feel like running errands with someone is more fun. mundane/ordinary events/activities don’t have to be boring. especially with a cat in bag.

Friday was a dizzying all-nighter of Soju and K-friends with green tea gelato for breakfast. a noon nap to saturday evening I awoke to meet a great conversationalist buddy for burgers, wandering and more gelato. then group adventure to gangnam for some brand new black-light bowling. everywhere is different than america. except maybe canada, but only by a little.

easy Sunday ended with movie time with the roomies, a classic 90s flick I’d never seen before: Romeo + Juliet. and we’re all still awake. it’s 7:30 AM. my sleeping schedule is fucked, but what’s TIME and DAYLIGHT anyway? a ticking clock and a burning ball of gas? I do what I want! including but not limited to: eating ice cream at any time I damn well please!

I strive to make every weekend as perfect as this one was with all my remaining time in Seoul.

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  1. MB says:

    I like the little kitty. Lets name it. Lets call it “Lil Buddha boy”.

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