Days in a Daze

Last week was a successful taste of what it would be like to be slightly famous and constantly working. Everything went according to plan in the best ways possible. filmed a local TV commercial (12 hours of reading/sipping tea/napping and 20 minutes of shooting), DJed (=drank/danced) a fun & first J-pop + K-pop dance night, and then nailed a london hair show/runway casting friday night. Spent all weekend getting my hair did by top notch london fashion week stylists, walked the runway and snacked in the catering room at the Neptune Theater.

I took a hardcore nap when I got home on sunday for reals. babylovecrash indeed.


This was taken by one of the cute PA boys on the set of the commercial. I didn’t take any that day, except for when I didn’t know I was eating a gross kumquat and had to ask what it was via the internet. The commercial was shot on the Phantom camera, which is like a literal dream. it shoots at 1500 frames a second, it’s the most amazing slow motion camera of all time. it was used in Sherlock Holmes 2 and Scott Pilgrim. and now I will also be amongst the greats in phantom cam history. at snoqualmie casino! ha! during this scene I was probably 100 pages into my book. they paid me to read all day, basically. I am not even complaining a baby bit. you meet a lot of interesting people in this biz, it’s always fun to talk to people. my scene was me being pumped at a concert. it’ll most likely be 2 seconds long. I am ecstatic.


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I coerced Devin into coming to the show to take pics and support his model gf (me!). This year was a lot of waiting around compared to last year. I was the demo model twice in the last show and I only walked the runway in this one. but of course, that just means chatting with people and eating food in the back, so I will continually not complain about these minute (fun) matters.

After the show in the “fotobooth” with my lovely supporters Fumiko and Devin <3

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January 31, 2012 days