fuji natura s f1.9

A lot of hits get redirected to this blog when people search for the fuji natura classica. mine broke over a year ago when it fell to a hardwood floor. my heart broke harder than the camera, for sure. it was my favorite camera and took the most incredible natural light photos. it felt so good when you held it. it was perfection. if you can’t decided wether to get one or not–GET ONE. don’t hesitate another second, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it once you have it.

I took the opportunity to look into the predecessor of the the classica, the natura S. it was always like a fairy tale legend, as it was near to impossible to get ahold of one because they are discontinued. if you ever see one on ebay, black ones go for $800+, no lie. I have some friends at White Rabbit Express who helped me get a natura S from Yahoo! Auctions. it cost me $600, the rest of my money plus all birthday monies. a wider lens and a lower aperture than the classica, I was so excited to finally own this camera!

I have had it for a year now. the case is a bit bulkier than the classica, and sometimes I get out of focus photos. the camera tries to automatically use it’s flash which is negating the purpose of itself and main talent, natural light photos. overall I do not regret all the sweat, blood (AND MONEY) it took to get one of these rare gems. but I do wish to buy another classica some day.

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  1. MJ says:

    Don’t let broken stuff bring you down! And if you likedrwaing: enjoy performing the act of it and make a lot of mileage. You got talent, so just enjoy the ride; whether you will get there is of second importance. It is just a matter of hard work and meeting the right people. As miy high school art teacher said: “inspiration = transpiration”.

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