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A few days ago Devin and I “celebrated Valentine’s day” (It sort of exists here), and by using quotations I mean, I used that as a reason to get him to take me to a LOVE HOTEL!! (the greatest invention to come out of Japan since sticker picture machines, in my opinion). You may or may not have already heard me ramble on and on about the greatness that is Love Hotels. To my dismay, they are becoming less “tacky” and more swanky. I hear that Osaka has more of the bizarre themed ones than Tokyo. I will do the best research I can on this theory.

The one above is from a hotel in Ikebukuro called “Hotel Aland”. I made another mini video, but it is a lot different tone than the snowy nakano one. some things in the video might need explaining, like the machine in the beginning is how you pay for the room. there are no people in the hotel except for cleaning staff. you pick your room from a touch screen in the lobby, go to the room and once you close the door you are locked in until you pay via this machine. Also in the mini fridge is a vending machine… filled with an assortment of drinks, sex toys, extra condoms, etc. if you press the button the machine by the door keeps track of it and you pay at the end. the amenities of an average love hotel surpass any fancy hotel I can think of! and hey, love hotels can be pretty fancy themselves!

Music is “Brick Road’s Theme” from Earthbound Soundtrack. man, making all these mini videos just makes me want to play Earthbound.

and also we took some purikura pics, because duh. After purikura, love hotels, and doujin buying of the fujoshi kind (that one was just me), we headed home and ate convenience store bento dinner and watched ‘One Piece’ on my laptop. we are up to episode 100 now, but there are 480 (and still going strong). BUT IT’S SO GOOD/HUGE HERE IN JAPAN (FOR A REASON–IT’S SO GOOD!)!!

Best Valentine’s day evs. or just regular day in Japan. you decide.
ps in the pics: kuma is devin’s nickname in Japanese, meaning “bear” and Aka is short for Akachan which means “baby”, which is sort of nickname.

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