JK POP! Ya don’t stop!

Our J-pop/K-pop dance night has come so far in 6 months! from Alibi basement room to … Barboza basement room. ok, so we’re still in a basement bar, but now our night is on Capitol Hill which is the only place that matters (to people on Capitol Hill)! JK POP! is getting lots of press and making headlines! it’s really exciting. I get to dress up and pretend I’m a K-pop star. I used to dream about dancing in a club to K-pop while dancing in my bedroom. I never thought I’d ever get to help RUN the event! our last one, July 5th was pretty good considering the July 4th holiday hangover.

I messed up all my favorite moves during Reese and I’s dance performance, but with all the lights and costume changes and drunk people I’m hoping no one noticed. I would have been beaten backstage for that, had I been a real K-pop star.

I made my own outfit with fake fur and 6 forever 21 belts. I don’t really know how to follow this outfit up. I cosplayed Daesung from Big Bang’s Monster video. except, I didn’t wear pants.

My¬†cohorts¬†gave me an actual DJ spot this time! Instead of being more of a “mascot” or “Dance Jockey” of the night, BabyLoveCrash! has officially become a proper DJ for reals. I played a 45 minute set, but I mostly just stayed on stage and danced to every song I played. someone may or may not have been filming me on their cellphone from the shadows (don’t think I didn’t see that).

the next JK POP! is August 2nd! it’s going to be my birthday bash edition! learning from Reese, I’m going to make it my mandatory birthday party (even though it’s 13 days before my actual birthday) to trap people and make them listen to K-pop. It makes me so ridiculously happy, I just want to share the joy. sharing feels good.

ps I made the poster.

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