Late Night Adventures in K-Pop!

I saw Super Junior the closest I’ve ever seen them so far. My 3rd time seeing them, and my second SMTOWN LIVE! Gotta say, they really out-did themselves. Last year in LA, the stage was pathetic. the set was essentially a printed banner hanging up above a screen. This year they did it at Madison Square Garden and had all the lights, pyrotechnics and stage tricks you could think of. there were flying k-pop idols and fireworks everywhere!! Also, I am 99% sure I communicated with Kyuhun at the end of the show, which was a heart stopping moment.

Leeteuk introducing everyone. everyone’s english is not so good and it’s adorable.

I brought my Nikon D90 with a prime 50mm lens. the girl next to me snuck in a zoom lens and got some really nice shots. the girl behind us had the biggest telephoto lens I’d ever seen in my life! it was like a foot long! she must run a k-pop blog or something, but I have no idea how she snuck that in. I took random video clips and made a VIDEOOOO!!

The show was amazing to say the least. but the real adventure was after the 4 hour long show. Soon all the confetti had rested gently on the ground, and all the pumped up crying fans had shuffled out of the stadium, I was hesitatingly heading back to my friend’s place. I passed two girls waiting for the subway who were blasting k-pop out of their headphones. the avenues were very long and dark blocks. I played A-Cha! on repeat, getting more and more frustrated at myself. WHY!? WHHHYYYY of all the things to be unhealthy obsessed with, I want to sleep with a K-Pop idol. For some reason now, it seems more feasible that I could hook up with Justin Timberlake but maybe only for language reasons. K-pop idols are so over protected and closely watched by their fans and managers. They are prisoners. sexy sexy prisoners for entertainment purposes only.


Why is there not a Korean Joey Fatone’s Brother type? You know (you probably don’t), the guy that goes around and scouts groupies for backstage action. Is that only an American thing? K-pop idols need love too. and by love I mean one night stands with attractive short haired blonde girls. at the very least, I just want to dance with Eunhyuk. just one dance with the dancer.

Section 107, row 7, seat 11! the closest I’ve ever been at a concert, they were real human size! that damn crane was in the way though.

So as I slough on, I reach my friend’s place where I am so hyped up on emotions I can’t even act like a normal human being. I am depressed, happy, excited, upset, angry, tired, defeated. I had a bit of information given to me by my new k-pop friend at the concert — their hotel whereabouts. my friends encourage me to go check it out, as it is just mere blocks away in Times Square. Walking distance. with a new found burst of energy and motivation, I hurriedly go to the cross streets where everything is brighter at 1 am.

Amber from f(x)! She was not at the LA show, this was the first time American fans got to see her. I think she got more screams than Donghae…!

I am not good at estimating the existence of things. but if I had to say, maybe 150 people were outside the hotel waiting with signs and cameras for a chance glimpse of the stars. I did not want to be apart of this crowd. it’s hard to stand out when you are just playing it cool. the idols are rushed everywhere they go, why would they stop and be like “hold on, manager. see that girl right there? yeah the cool blonde past everyone else? she’s coming with us”. they can’t even look around and they are being screamed at with cameras flashing. I had to come up with a plan. like, a movie-esq plan. no use in being there if I didn’t try and do something about it.

I hung out by the service door. talked to whoever came out on their smoke break. talked to an electrician for awhile, but didn’t get in. few minutes later 2 heavy metal dudes (for lack of better description) are smoking and asking me what the hub-bub is about. after talking a little while we both discovered we are from Seattle! WHAT ARE THE CHANCES. forcing this bond between us and asking lots of questions of this friendly smoker/hotel guest, I eventually ask if I can go along with them. into the hotel. YES. SWEET SUCCESS. laid back awesome guy let’s me join him with his boss and their friends. I AM IN! IN THE BAR! HANGING OUT WITH REALLY NICE DRUNK PEOPLE FROM SEATTLE!

Sadly, Heechul (and Siwon) were not at the show. But Eunhyuk knew what the fangirls needed… and pretended to make out with Donghae. Good Job, Eunhyuk!

this hotel is nice. like, $800 a night nice. I even (unintentionally) got a free (really strong) drink before the bar closed. unfortunately it closed early because it was a sunday. Henry from Super Junior (the only fluent english speaker) walks in and sees they are closing. I missed my chance to pounce on him. I go and wait outside the bar in the lobby, noticing pockets of girls who look like fans (they were all asian). While I am about to sit and watch the elevators intently, a dude that is a hammered Billy Bob Thorton tries to hit on me. I defend myself until his friend comes along, who is sober and a doctor and really nice. I ended up chatting with him for awhile and we became buds. we parted ways and I engaged the other fans one group at a time.

the tiny waving smiling princesses of k-pop!

by 4 am I have waited and chatted with a hardcore Girl’s Generation fan club from Vietnam, and a stylish and cute girl who was left by her friends at 3am, because she was waiting for Zhou-mi to give him a gift to give to his mom. Lastly, I sat down with two awesome girls from Texas/Chicago and we obsessed over our tactics of how and what we should do to get in on this K-Pop Hotel situation. our hearts raced every time we heard the elevator ding. It was a lot of fun, since I don’t have too many fellow k-pop fans that I can chat/be ridiculous with. Reminds me of my NSync days, but these days are much more exciting. because I am not 14.

TVXQ/DBSK babes. they are so good looking I sometimes can’t even look at them, it’s too much.

I stayed up until 6 am. I saw Henry twice, a handful of Girl’s Generation girls and Zhou-mi smiled at us from the elevator. I was hitting a wall and had to leave. I heard later the girls I met last stayed up until 11 and had a grand pay-off: they saw all of the SM town artists pass them in the empty lobby into the elevators. all of them! except Eunhyuk. who is my bias, so, whew I didn’t miss him because he was missing. I got 3 hours of sleep, and was delirious most of the next day.

Despite not getting to party with Super Junior, it was a fun and interesting challenge of a night. I met a lot of people and made some friends. I was closer than I have ever been before. I am especially proud that I talked my way into the hotel, that was my shining moment. with K-pop on the mind, I can do anything.

I have finally decided on a firm bias. UNFx1000000000



  1. Aj says:

    My god! I couldn’t love you any more! I read this and got tingles all over again! Eunhyuk making out with donghae…could it be a new ship for me?! Ahhhhh Kpop loveeee!!!

    • alextthomas says:

      GIIIIIIRRLLL EunHae is a classic ship, the two best dancers? they are always bff, look into it! I mean, heechul is away what are we gonna do? eunhyuk is so smart. man he is the best performer on stage, I think I have finally settled down on a bias. but man it’s so hard to choose sometimes.

      I WISH YOU WERE HEEEEERRRRREEEEEEEE! but you are in Korea, it’s time for you to sneak into hotels now! haha, practice makes perfect.

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