“Let’s Kill this odd sweet thing together. OK? Yes!”

So, I’m out of money. utterly/completely. paid bills, paid rent (had to use my christmas money for this, I just wanted a coat, maybe a lamp… don’t I sound old timey levels of poor and pathetic? I kind of am) and scrounging for won to buy $13 strawberries because I need vitamin C (and something sweet).

What I mean to say is this blog and my site are about to go down. down into the pits of the internet because I don’t have the funds to keep it afloat right now.

However, I am not saying goodbye forever! it will hopefully be rebooted up at some point or moved to a cheaper location later on. I mean, occasionally updated blogs aren’t top priority for whatever funds I magically get in, because it’s still negative degrees of C and F in Seoul and I need to keep alive.

in the meantime (that time being “between monies”), to see that I am still alive you can check my “micro-micro-photo-blog” INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/alextthomas

First snow fall, a week in Tokyo, Christmas, Mystery photo, Astrological reading, drawings, Gangnam style hair salon… so many posts I conjured up in my mind and never expressed to the internet in these past few weeks. I’ve been keeping thoughts selfishly in my mind as I am experiencing this adventure in Seoul on my own. for that, I apologize. I miss compiling words and phrases into sentences and arranging them in different order. Sometimes I come up with a golden combination of thoughts in my mind as a future blog musing and never think I’ll forget how I thunk it.
I keep forgetting what I’d like to say, so instead I say nothing at all.

I have some great things happening on the horizon, I hope I can get this blog back up in time to whimsically tell the internet about such ventures!
bye for now! please don’t forget about me!


these 2 photos taken on my iphone in tamagawa, tokyo, at my friend’s apartment. I’m not sure if they represent anything related in this post unless you wanna get metaphorical about it. I just thought they were pretty.



  1. MB says:

    I am so glad your blog is up and running again!

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January 6, 2013 days