Megumi and Me

Back in November 2010 I was in a hair plan rut, sticking to short and blonde for awhile. Then I finally watched the infamous Urotsukidoji anime. If you don’t know what that is, don’t go and find out. If you do, then you know the sister, Megumi, has awesome hair. I went a similar route, but due to hairshows and what not, I couldn’t grow my hair out to her length. but I like the color!

Don’t tell my agency! in two weeks I’ll have my hair done by a talented dresser from Vidal Sassoon, so it will be fixed and back to blonde soon enough. I just really hadn’t be in control of my own hair for months and it was getting to me. I mixed Special Effects Dye Fishbowl with Limelight and some conditioner to lighten it. whew, got that out of my system. now to take some awesome pics before it’s changed back!

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August 17, 2011 style