never give up technicolor


color catches my eye. light, shapes, textures, reflections, shadows, something off, something alone, something empty. the things I like to take photos of always involve one of these aspects, but they always start and end in color. I’ve noticed when I edit photos now, I try to color correct based on emotion. “how did it feel in my memory as I took this” is how I decide which adjustments to change.

it’s winter, it’s cold. it didn’t feel that cold outside, but when I think of winter, the light is dim and cool. let’s make the shadows blue and the highlights orange. compliment colors, for a light contrast. lower the saturation, but don’t make it muddy. my blacks have all been void of depth lately. I think it’s a style choice, a photography fad lately. but the underexposed images feel closer to a foggy memory and becomes instantly somewhere you long to be, in the back of your mind. you might be able to feel like the image was something you really saw but can’t exactly recall.


a dejavu experience through dreamy imagery. I want to portray that with color. sometimes I over think and put a lot of importance on it. it’s always open to interpretation. we don’t all see the same. but it’s the same with language, you have to say things in the right tone. words change in context, and so does color. color is a language too.


I’ve been less afraid of the dark in my images as I try to grow and take more pictures. I keep darkening and darkening shadows and highlights and midtones. subtlety is nice, it’s rewarding. it rewards people who stay awhile and look deeper, closer. not everything has to be out in the open, in the light. if you really want to be apart of something, stick around and keep it close to you. subtle visuals reward the patient, I think. but you can take whatever you like from whatever you see. that’s the real excitement.


in my mind I decided 2014 would be the color purple. this color keeps catching my eye, calling out to me to pay attention to it. I never had the habit of labeling a year a color before, but it felt right this time. in 2013 I was floating around and had to buy and re-buy lots of common household items in the midst of traveling. always scoping out a dollar (won, yen, asian currency) store to tend to my basic needs of minimal body maintenance. I always had at least 4 options of colors to choose from, because we as humans like to have choices that reflect our personality and style. I subconsciously bought turquoise, sea foam greens and blues that could’ve been greens, I couldn’t really tell. when I looked around me, my toothbrush, my towel, my comforter, my notebooks, umbrella and tupperware lids were a beautiful collective gradient of pastel green hues.


now it’s a new year, a royal dark purple year. the daiso down the street didn’t have too many purple options but other aspects in my life have been glowing purple. it’s been popping up more frequently than ever, as if the universe is checking in with me. “purple, right? 2014? here you go, some more purple.”


but as the purple hue has been seeping into my life, other colors blend with it. dark blue, orange and purple have been making up many sunsets in 2014 so far. as I edited this batch of photos from a test shoot, everything was orange and blue in my memory and together the darks have been a glowing purple. it’s been soothing, this triple color combination.

there’s literally an infinite array of color combinations and choices. it’s hard to know when to leave it alone sometimes. when I feel satisfied, I leave it. I shoot something else, go back and look at my old editing and hate everything. but I accept it. it was the choice I made that felt right at the time. maybe looking back on past work will never be satisfying because we are always attempting to grow, change, improve. but with images and color, I try to match it to my memories so they can stay a pleasant memory. without too much saturation.

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January 24, 2014 photos