in the first 2 weeks of feb I had 5 test shoots I coordinated with various photographers. it was pretty exciting. one of the shoots I did involved projecting images onto a wall/me, which was lots of fun. This one I did with Erik Simkins, who has some great street photography and behind the scenes stuff on his site. We worked only with film, and I really like how the grain and roughness of these photos give it another dimension of sort.

[nggallery id=4]

There was a kitten there named Edda, who looked like a tiny mainecoon cat. well, I assumed it was a cat but it was shaved in a way that it could have been an alien species that could mimic simliar attributes of an earth cat. it had giant green eyes that penetrated my soul to it’s core. I was a little obsessed with it because it played hard to get (see: skiddish) unless I had a tiny treat for it, and then it commenced crackhead attack mode.

the apartment in which we took pictures in was not the photographer’s, but a friend of his. it was decorated in a way that when he said he was a graphic designer, I understood immediately. it was very well styled. I hope they are a successful graphic designer, but if not they could always rely on contemporary hip interior decorating as a fall back.

I have many more shoots to post and a few more to come in March. I can’t wait!

February 27, 2012 create, photos

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Last week was a successful taste of what it would be like to be slightly famous and constantly working. Everything went according to plan in the best ways possible. filmed a local TV commercial (12 hours of reading/sipping tea/napping and 20 minutes of shooting), DJed (=drank/danced) a fun & first J-pop + K-pop dance night, and then nailed a london hair show/runway casting friday night. Spent all weekend getting my hair did by top notch london fashion week stylists, walked the runway and snacked in the catering room at the Neptune Theater.

I took a hardcore nap when I got home on sunday for reals. babylovecrash indeed.


This was taken by one of the cute PA boys on the set of the commercial. I didn’t take any that day, except for when I didn’t know I was eating a gross kumquat and had to ask what it was via the internet. The commercial was shot on the Phantom camera, which is like a literal dream. it shoots at 1500 frames a second, it’s the most amazing slow motion camera of all time. it was used in Sherlock Holmes 2 and Scott Pilgrim. and now I will also be amongst the greats in phantom cam history. at snoqualmie casino! ha! during this scene I was probably 100 pages into my book. they paid me to read all day, basically. I am not even complaining a baby bit. you meet a lot of interesting people in this biz, it’s always fun to talk to people. my scene was me being pumped at a concert. it’ll most likely be 2 seconds long. I am ecstatic.


JK POP! on tumblr and on facebook!


I coerced Devin into coming to the show to take pics and support his model gf (me!). This year was a lot of waiting around compared to last year. I was the demo model twice in the last show and I only walked the runway in this one. but of course, that just means chatting with people and eating food in the back, so I will continually not complain about these minute (fun) matters.

After the show in the “fotobooth” with my lovely supporters Fumiko and Devin <3

January 31, 2012 days

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for the past 3 weeks or so I have been eating the same thing every day. Korean seaweed, sticky rice, tuna, honey soaked umeboshi (pickled plums) and some variety of green tea. It’s all I crave, I don’t want anything else. maybe a smoothie or a salad here and there, but mostly just this. sometimes twice a day. almost 99% of the time while watching anime. I hope I don’t eat so much of it that by time I get back to Japan I won’t want to eat onigiri ever again (that will never happen)!!

This upcoming week is going to be intense! Wednesday I am shooting a commercial for a casino that will probably be on local TV (本当に恥ずかしい). I tried out through my modeling agency, not thinking I would get it (I am not good at acting, but trying out is always a ridiculous challenge) and then I got it. now I am laughing at myself. I don’t watch TV and I’m hoping no one I know from high school does either…

Thursday I am doing my very first DJ set as DJ BABYLOVECRASH! It’s pretty much a big chunk of dreams come true all in one night. I got the name from Super Junior’s A-Cha! Video and Eunhyuk says “HEY BABY LOVE CRASH!” and it just spoke to me ya know? That will be so much fun! Picking my own K-pop playlist that I can dance to in the club! everyone will be riding the Hallyu WAAAVE! adding “DJ” to my list of things I have done in life… now I can say “Lazy Otaku by day, Model DJ by night”. these life choices continually make me laugh, so I am having fun amusing myself.

Then! Friday and possibly all weekend I am trying out/doing another hair show, involving high end fashion London hairstylists on a run-way at the old Neptune Theater. Last time I worked with them I got signed to SMG! That was a fun show.

私はアニメの時間がありません!! (; ̄д ̄)

January 23, 2012 days

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I used to hate tea. Don’t know why I had such a strong opinion over it either way, I don’t remember even trying any when I was younger. This was also a time in my life where I would eat a lot of grossly saturated foods of sorts and thus, tea was a bland stale taste in comparison. tastes change, people change, tea stays the same. and it’s actually quite amazing. I’m admittedly quite obsessed with it now, having invested in many pricey devices to ensure I can quickly–without loss in quality–enjoy tea every day. I take everyone who peaks interest to a chinese tea shop downtown where we sit for hours and try every tea they have. loose leaf tea is my preferred tea snobbery of choice. I like that the tea has health benefits of different types, it’s fun to feel healthy and put good things in your body!

I just wonder if I had enjoyed tea 6 years ago as much as I do now, if there was a definite sliding door of a parallel path in my life that I missed. dramatic, I know. obviously things now would not be affected from one night several years past, but maybe there could have been more clarity from accepting a certain tea offer that I flippantly refused so long ago.

I remember the moment so vividly, when the tea was offered. I was getting ready to leave his apartment after a well needed talk was convoluted and not going so smoothly. the words exchanged other than “stay, I’ll make us some tea” and me refusing with “tea has too watered down of a flavor”, I don’t recall much else. He was leaning on the back of his couch and playfully put his hands in my jacket pockets as he made such an offer. it was adorable and I probably panicked. feeling overwhelmed that he was so close and casually being somewhat intimate for the first time, I pulled away not wanting him to see my cheeks light up with a red hue. I did feel that way about tea, though.

had I stayed for a talk over tea, would I have gotten that ease of mind I needed at the time?
perhaps depending on the tea. some tea has good un-clouding effects on the mind.
thinking about it now, he also offered numerous opportunities to talk over other such beverages but I blew it every time. so I guess the struggle was all my own over those immature tea-disliking years.

when tea is offered to you, drink!

January 13, 2012 days, photos

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I am typing this from my new future phone. I used to think I was ahead of the game and always in the electronic loop, but man have I always been ridiculously behind in cell phones. I do think its better to get a gadget after the kinks have been worked out. The real problem at hand is what case shall I choose to show my individualism. I wanna pimp this shit but how unique can one really be at this point when everyone has an iPhone. Im slowly customizing my new phone starting with a super junior ringtone and a Jude law home page. Really, what more could I ask for?


January 4, 2012 days

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I don’t own a black light because I do not color fuzzy posters, but apparently this turquoise polish I bought has the ability to glow. I painted my nails inspired by the teeth from the aliens in the movie Attack the Block. best aliens of the year, hands (nails?) down.

uncanny, I know.

January 3, 2012 style

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2012 is going to be big, I feel it in my bones. I wouldn’t describe myself as superstitious, although by definition maybe I am. I don’t mind thinking “because I do one thing a certain way, it will affect something completely uncontrollable or unrelated”, because I like to make believe. I believe what you do on New Years will affect what’s to come next. I like to spend it with people that I hope to see a lot of and I wear an outfit that might sway the theme of the new year. you got to set it off right! not every year is going to be spectacular, some have more downs than ups or things don’t go the way you planned. but I know 2012 is going to be challenging and life changing more than any other year. If 2011 was a comfortable warm sloth, 2012 is going to be a raging running lion.

January 1, 2012 photos

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To pick up from the last entry in New York… I did more cool things, saw out of town friends, made new friends, took more test shots, got a freelance job, flew out to Palm Springs, sold at a Vintage market and then celebrated my 5 year anniversary of being with the little* bear up at Mt. Rainier. It’s hard to blog when you take mostly film photos. I have 14 rolls that still are waiting to be developed from months ago.

it didn’t rain so much in New York, but it got misty in Buschwick one morning. you can’t really tell in the photo, however. Now I have been back in Seattle, loving the rain but falling way too quickly into the same routine as pre-month-in-NYC. I wouldn’t want to live there, but subletting a few months at a time could be ideal. it’s all hustlin there, which is productive and all, but I would get NO anime watching in that’s for sure.

I came across my old blogspot I used for 12 entries sprinkled throughout 2009. I enjoyed the titles I used. and I liked the formulated rambling I did. I am not very good at blogging, am I? I am speaking into the depths of the internet as nothing echos back at me. I don’t suspect anyone will come across this, so no use in expecting an answer. it’s obvious.

“Sorry”, I shrug to no one reading this.
I promise not to make any empty promises about blogging better.
2012 has a lot in store, this I know. Good, bad, and the like.

*not actual size. it’s an ironic nickname, kinda like Robin Hood’s “Little John”, you know? He’s not little.

December 29, 2011 days, travel

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Happy Halloween weekend. It’s mother effing snowing! I have stylish boots that have only form and no function. I was sliding all over and the seams were undone and my thirsty wool socks soaked up all the hypothermia my toes could handle. it’s slushy and stormy and snowy and slippery. I had to cancel my plans to meet a friend in the city and just trudged along with my other friend to finish getting her halloween costume for tonight. we held hands all the way back to her place, so I wouldn’t fall. it was pretty adorable, her saving my life like that.

I have officially about 10 days left in New York. I have met most of my goals, but still have a lot I would like to do while I am here. I feel good knowing that I came on a whim and my hunches were mostly correct. I also feel pretty good knowing I would like to live here for a little while, sometime next year (after winter time please). there are many a things & people I miss from Seattle, even being gone for just 3 weeks. although it goes without saying that if everyone and everywhere was the same, life wouldn’t be very adventurous or interesting would it. but there, I said it anyway.

the big picture is really to get to Korea and back to Japan (the ultimate goal is obviously to get a K-pop husband). so I got my massive $100 check from the Korean commercial shoot and spent it on a Korean lunch and a few language books. I gotta start learning Korean. but Japan is still 一番 (ichiban… #1!), don’t you ever forget it.

October 29, 2011 days, travel

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I saw Super Junior the closest I’ve ever seen them so far. My 3rd time seeing them, and my second SMTOWN LIVE! Gotta say, they really out-did themselves. Last year in LA, the stage was pathetic. the set was essentially a printed banner hanging up above a screen. This year they did it at Madison Square Garden and had all the lights, pyrotechnics and stage tricks you could think of. there were flying k-pop idols and fireworks everywhere!! Also, I am 99% sure I communicated with Kyuhun at the end of the show, which was a heart stopping moment.

Leeteuk introducing everyone. everyone’s english is not so good and it’s adorable.

I brought my Nikon D90 with a prime 50mm lens. the girl next to me snuck in a zoom lens and got some really nice shots. the girl behind us had the biggest telephoto lens I’d ever seen in my life! it was like a foot long! she must run a k-pop blog or something, but I have no idea how she snuck that in. I took random video clips and made a VIDEOOOO!!

The show was amazing to say the least. but the real adventure was after the 4 hour long show. Soon all the confetti had rested gently on the ground, and all the pumped up crying fans had shuffled out of the stadium, I was hesitatingly heading back to my friend’s place. I passed two girls waiting for the subway who were blasting k-pop out of their headphones. the avenues were very long and dark blocks. I played A-Cha! on repeat, getting more and more frustrated at myself. WHY!? WHHHYYYY of all the things to be unhealthy obsessed with, I want to sleep with a K-Pop idol. For some reason now, it seems more feasible that I could hook up with Justin Timberlake but maybe only for language reasons. K-pop idols are so over protected and closely watched by their fans and managers. They are prisoners. sexy sexy prisoners for entertainment purposes only.


October 25, 2011 days, travel

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