Plants and pain.


time for that bi-yearly blog post.

a few months ago, someone I found very attractive was briefly showing interest in me. for probably many deep emotional reasons I don’t feel like over-analyzing, I had a hard time accepting their words of flirtation. not surprisingly, they found someone else in front of their face and left me to return to my normal life of no one attractive talking to me. I was comforted in the familiar feeling of not being “the one” for them. 2nd place, second string, bench warmer, temporary, fleeting, for now, a place holder. ah, rejection, nice to see you again. come on in, make yourself at home. this is my comfort zone, the spot at the empty table of my very own pity party. for some reason, I always imagine myself wearing a pointy polka-dotted birthday hat when I think of the words “pity party”.

filled with angst that I knew would fade shortly, I rushed through the motions and feigned heart break of losing the attention of a hot person so I could move on with my life. after that month long distraction I re-focused my precious time to more important things. not handsome korean men but plants.

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plants filled all the voids. although plants won’t flirt with you, I think they have potential to raise your self-esteem all the same. the attention and energy you put into a plant vs the attention and energy you put into a person has a greater pay-off in the end. plants won’t leave you (they’re stuck in a pot). every day you can sit and talk to them (they’re great listeners), or just chill to music together.

You can both enjoy the weather and do a little dance in the breeze. plants are a breath of fresh air (literally, they clean the air for you). you feed them and they will feed you (literally, some plants produce food you can eat). they won’t stress you out by not texting you for 3 days, because plants don’t text. they don’t have thumbs or know how to use phones. but you can always get ahold of them because there are always right where you left them, waiting for you.

Plants sit there and be pretty and that’s ok. that’s not ok if that’s all a human can do. humans should do more than just be a pretty face. plants make you smarter because you learn about them as they grow. humans are capable of telling you lies.

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Plants can’t hurt you (emotionally, but physically be careful of the pokey/poisonous ones). plants are dedicated to you, and rely on you. it feels nice to be needed. so don’t forget to water them, they really don’t ask for much. It’s a simple give and take rewarding relationship.

I made a couple mistakes with some of my delicate plants. I tried to prune and shape a few. I realized plants are a lot like children, in some metaphorical ways. you can try your best to guide and shape your little plant (child) but they’re gonna grow how they’re gonna grow. do your best to give them the nutrition and environment for them to flourish, but the rest is up to them in the end. To watch a plant grow in my care is really satisfying. I feel happy, accomplished and relaxed. most humans don’t make me feel like that.

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next time your heart hurts because of a human, I suggest putting your love and energy into something that will be happy to bloom for you. plants.

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