Prelude to the cave

Yasunori Mitsuda – Secret of the Forest (Chrono Trigger OST)

film, grain, light, clouds, perpetual rain, images, ghosts, haunting, forest, wind, twisted branches, together, alone, calming, peaceful, green moss, brown wood, red stones, fallen leaves, wet ground, dusk, tall grass, 2 paths, steep slopes, breeze, secret, past, memories, exploring, future, spirits, resilience, stormy, brisk, last, adventure, cliffs, waves, darkness.

I wish I could combine those key words into a perfectly ordered full sentenced story to describe that day. the day when these photos were taken. I won’t bother to try. 3 months later I receive these photos in this condition. I like the light leaks, it creates the mood. I don’t know what caused them, but I accept them and appreciate them. it makes me excited that I can only control so much and the rest is up to science and nature (on all scales)–the science of film (quite magical, really) and the nature of the environment and light.

I took a roll on this camera with no leaks. this roll returning to me from seattle creates a series of metaphorical past life memories. it feels otherworldly. posthumous photos. although these were taken through my eyes and only 2 people hold the only actual images of this day in their mind, these images can transcend the physical need to be there in the past. they could speak to anyone, if they wanted them to.

taken with black and white chinese film on a pentax 67 in Anacortes, Washington.
October 2012

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  1. David says:

    Happy mistakes are a science.

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February 7, 2013 photos