R.I.P. Fuji Natura Classica

Yesterday I got the bad news. My beloved Fuji Natura Classica camera cannot be fixed. not easily, not cheap, not in the US, not without a part that can’tbe obtained. the $350 camera (sometimes more, but never less) is unfixable. It fell, it hit a floor. the lens wouldn’t come out without screaming in pain and the shutter wouldn’t let go. I had a 1600 B&W Neopan in the camera still with 14 shots left. I was able to save the film, but what a waste. they don’t even make that kind anymore? I want another Fuji Natura ASAP, but I haven’t had extra funds for over 7 months and still no job. I’m maxed out, bottom of the barrel. it’s bad. all I want is my camera. the best film camera I’ve ever had, and the most expensive, straight from Japan. sigh.

My flickr Fuji Natura set.
I love you, Classica!
I miss you!


  1. Miki says:

    はじめまして! I’m sorry if it’s disturb you.I was checked your look at lookbook.I really like your looks.Inspired me (: And sometimes you use Japanese! I smiled.haha
    Because I’m Japanese.hehe
    And maybe I saw you at Ikebukuro before.But I’m not sure it was you or not.(And I didn’t know you yet) That woman had nice hair like yours!
    I wanted to say this.Sorry,it’s wired.haha
    Anyway,I wish you can back to Japan and enjoy in the future (:
    Take care (^ω^)<3

    p.s. Can I be a reader of your blog?

    • Alex T says:

      You are so cute!!

      I lived in Japan (Nakano-Shimbashi, Tokyo) in Feburary this year with my boyfriend, until the earthquake happened. ;_____; and we had to leave a week after and I was so sad! I didn’t want to leave Japan, it was my biggest dream to live there! But I was in Ikebukuro a few times, that would be crazy/cool if you saw me! I was definitely buying some doujinshi, not going to lie. haha!! I hung out on Sunshine 60 playing arcade games and taking purikura pics too <3

      Thank you for reading my blog and liking my lookbook! it makes me sooo happy! it's not weird at all, I really appreciate your comments! I would be so happy if you continued to read my blog, we can be online buddies until I make it back to Japan one day ^____^ <3 (which I hope to be as soon as possible)!!


      I'm not even confident I said that right. -__-;

      do you have a lookbook too?

      • Miki says:

        aww thank you<3 You're sweet.hah oh,so you stayed here not so long time… ): After that happened,my some friends backed to their countries also…I miss them so much!
        Oh,I often go to Shunshine60 with friends.haha So I definitely sure it was you!haha Btw I like your drawings_<)

        • Miki says:

          I couldn’t long comment…sorry (>_<)
          I would love to! You should back.Japan is saaaaafe!haha
          すごい:DDD Your Japanese are really great! きっと、もっともっと上手になれます!!!
          aww sorry :( I don't have it…

        • Alex T says:

          THAT IS SO COOL what are the chances to see me in Tokyo? of all the people, of all the times of all the places! I love it!

          Thank you for liking my drawings, I am trying to do it more often to get back into it again. I love Japanese artists, they are my favorite and most inspiring!

          I WILL COME BACK TO JAPAN ASAP! <3 (私は金がではありません)

  2. Miki says:

    p.s.2 Sorry,I was mistake of my homepage url…I made it yesterday,so I don’t remember it well.haha

    • Alex T says:

      I like your blog, please keep it up! Your tattoos look so pretty, please post more pictures <3

      I saw you said you have a tumblr? I have one too! I want to follow, what is the address? mine is http://alext.tumblr.com


      • Miki says:

        Thank you!!! I love my tattoos^^And I will up more pictures soon<3
        Yes,I have it!! Mine is http://snakeblue.tumblr.com I will follow you soon (^ω^)
        Oh,and thank you so much that your sweet answers! It was makes me happy_<)haha

        • Miki says:

          And I will check your blog,lookbook,and tumblr! Hmm…sounds stoker(>_<)hahaha

          • Alex T says:

            you will be my most treasured stalker, and the prettiest! hehe
            Thank you Thank you, it will inspire me to update more frequently <3

            please update your blog too so I can practice reading Japanese! ^3^

  3. Jessi says:

    Ugh, this is so sad. I’ve been thinking of getting the Fuji Natura for a while because it’s so portable and takes such nice pictures, but it’s so expensive and I’d be too heartbroken if something happened to it (as I imagine you are).

    My condolences :(

    • Alex T says:

      it is so worth it. it will be your favorite camera of all time, I can promise you that. just make sure you don’t drop it, like I did. sigh. it just hit the wood floor at a certain angle and messed up the gears. so sad!

      I haven’t had a dime to my name in months, I am so anxious to buy it again! (or it’s previous discontinued comrade if I can manage to find one…!)

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