recent obsessions

my most current phases.

wanting nothing, having everything, tiny planes, tiny airports, mini trips, manifesting reality, cheepin with little bears, youtube channels, conbini lyfe, goro goro gaming, many shades of lipstick, 90s super models, instagram friends, sewing machines, studios, sets, production, cameras, selfie-sticks, the future (now), smoothies, city hunter jams, rooftops, basements, highs, lows, point cards, promos, fame, fortune, figs, yogurt, manuka honey, shapes, textures, plants, the universe, book stores, exploring, snapping, soft skin, parted hair, shaved heads, wolf children, cold rain, light, travel, dreams, dancing, drawing, vortexes, visual boards, visas, not giving any fucks, growing stronger (wiser, faster), mint chocolate chip flavored quest bars and enjoying my time in Tokyo.