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one of my biggest dreams of all time came true last Sunday (thanks to yukari~!). I saw Super junior Live in Japan. I was the only blonde haired white girl in the whole arena that I could see. I sat in the high up seats, but it was a small arena. to my left was a princess-type who barely reacted. to my right, an extreme fan girl who screamed and cried and jumped around. I myself, was right in-between those types. literally and type wise.

this is an ad for the same concert I saw, but for korean movie theaters to show it in 3D!! I wish I could see this too!

the show was nothing like anything I’d ever seen in my life. the stage went all over the entire arena. the lights themselves were their own show. it was like MJ’s “this is it” stage theatrics meeting a Korean boy band. trap doors, pyrotechnics, moving screens, color changing lights, shooting confetti, shifting stage mechanics, and flying harnesses. cute/cool mini-videos would play when they needed to change costumes several times. every single person in the audience had a special suju glowstick they did not set down for a second (I would later see fans on the train ride home and wave it at them and it created magical friendships between us despite language barrier). there was a really surreal moment when the show was finished… some stage lights stayed on, glowing on all the faces in the arena while everyone still had their blue lights waving. it was a gradient of heavenly colors. it got incredibly quiet. then slowly I could hear more and more tiny voices singing together–the whole arena was a giant choir or angelic Japanese girl voices singing a song I didn’t recognize.. but everyone knew it! it was going on for 3 minutes over and over until the lights shut off and everyone started screaming. a video played of cartoon suju members as vegetables. when it was over, suju came out dressed in vegetable costumes. it was ridiculous. the show continued for a few more songs, and they also spoke to the crowd. the show was 3 1/2 hours long, and it flew by completely.

When I first got in the concert, an older Japanese women stopped me in the crowd and was so surprised I was there. we spoke briefly, she had flown up from Australia, but was so shocked I even knew who super junior was. I stuck out like a sore thumb. if only I had floor seats so suju could have seen my beacon of light hair!

This is a fancam video from singapore, the same intro I saw. AMAZING.

I had two moments with the fan girl on my right. she was crying after the first 3 songs. I was too, I couldn’t help it! (if you think I’m a lame-o for crying, take a second to imagine something impossible. then imagine that impossible thing happening in real life. it was a wonderful thing, boy band concert aside). I was just overwhelmed with … feelings. and not the usual boy-band love-sick goofy-girl feelings. like, imagining being them–the power to make girls scream and fall in love with you with just a smile, despite language barriers. it was so cool to be interested in something from another country, in an entirely different country. it made the world smaller. the moment I would become beside myself I would tear up. it was like I was staring into something so beautiful, I couldn’t even comprehend life itself. I think it was just happiness and pure joy welling up inside of me and it had to come out of my face somehow. at least I wasn’t peeing my pants.

so I tap the girl on the arm and say in the only Japanese I could: “me too! it’s okay!” and motioned to my eyes and we both laughed and used our scarves to dry our eyes. later siwon had his shirt off but it wasn’t projected on the screen. I tapped her again and shouted “SIIWWOONNN” and she was like “eh??” and I pointed and yelled again. he was half naked. we both looked at each other and screamed with the joy that comes with staring at incredibly ripped and naked korean men. it was glorious. although I couldn’t talk with the people around me, I was still so happy to be there with other fans. I do wish AJ was there to scream with me in English.

speaking of English, during one of their mini videos they had some lyrics on the screen. parts included “baby baby baby” and “lady lady lady”. rest was in Korean, translated to Japanese on screen. lastly they had “Shawty shawty shawty” (shorty) or, what it was suppose to say. it actually read “shwaty shwaty shwaty” which made me laugh. I might have been the only one realizing that was not even close to an English word. but no one cared. who cares. but I caught it.

Just two days after the show, SUJU-M’s new single came out. they sing in Chinese. I loved it instantly.

Although I saw a great amazing show, cried a little, screamed a lot and couldn’t stop smiling…. THIS AIN’T OVER YET! I WILL SEE SUJU IN KOREA!! AND I WILL SEE SUJU WITH FLOOR SEATS!!! I WILL TOUCH A SUJU HAND! ONE DAY! my goals are slowly to be realized. this will be an expensive goal, no doubt. sigh. I better start learning some korean language.

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