it dawned on me that all of my favorite anime characters have the same traits in common. although they are the main heroes of the show, they sleep a lot, eat too much, and have their mouths wide open yelling obnoxious things to annoy all those around them. I admire them all. probably because they inspire me–I can relate to being lazy, hungry and loud… but I want to work on being a hero too.

I decided to make a tribute of my idols and wear my fan art to Seoul Fashion Week. I was coming out as a geek in the most fabulous way I knew how. cameras and watching eyes everywhere in the middle of fashion week… and hopefully some secret stylish nerds that might come out to me. I was a geek peacock, trying to attract like-minded and attractive people. I was so happy to be wearing my favorite things I was passionate about! loud and proud, just like my anime heroes. I am an otaku and it’s not a secret! I wear my heart and my art on my sleeve! it was also the most fun I’ve had drawing in a long time. permanent marker on soft leather was a feel-good match.


I found the jacket at a vintage market in Seoul called gwang-jwang. the market was full of booths crammed with musty cheap clothes and a surprising array of cute boys closing up shop. I spotted this long, white jacket hanging from a ceiling. the boy of the shop was speaking all the excitable english he knew how, and insisted I try it on. it fit like a glove and I knew immediately this was it. but I took my time prancing around in it so I could spend a little longer talking with the boys of the booth. I originally imagined a cropped jacket but I realized I needed to go large to fit my vision. it was overwhelming since I hadn’t drawn in months. 2 days before fashion week began, I finally put pen to leather, laying out across my friend’s heated floors till 5 am, skipping dance parties to create my masterpiece. I MADE THIS! ah~ I’m so happy~

starring Spike Spiegel, Usagi (aka Serena), Vash the Stampede, Ryo Saeba, Luffy and Goku. I drew hidden things all over the jacket like the awkward crow from city hunter under the collar and sailor moon eyes on the cuffs. several cute boys have wanted to wear and steal my jacket. most people don’t believe I drew it myself. 5 out of 6 Japanese people don’t know what Cowboy Bebop is, and that is a strange problem.

April 7, 2014 create, style

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1980s Tokyo, the sun has just set and the giant neon lights begin to buzz. A turn off the avenue leads to a maze of backstreets. the alleys grow darker and damper as you leave the main drag behind. less people, more trash cans. the sound of traffic and feet shuffling die down and a faint music grows louder. turning one last corner, a glow illuminates a dead end. it’s an underground music club. you wouldn’t have known it’s existence, unless you had been there before.  it’s CITY HUNTER, a thriving soulful joint that has somehow sidestepped the flow of time.


July 12, 2012 create, style

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Back in November 2010 I was in a hair plan rut, sticking to short and blonde for awhile. Then I finally watched the infamous Urotsukidoji anime. If you don’t know what that is, don’t go and find out. If you do, then you know the sister, Megumi, has awesome hair. I went a similar route, but due to hairshows and what not, I couldn’t grow my hair out to her length. but I like the color!

Don’t tell my agency! in two weeks I’ll have my hair done by a talented dresser from Vidal Sassoon, so it will be fixed and back to blonde soon enough. I just really hadn’t be in control of my own hair for months and it was getting to me. I mixed Special Effects Dye Fishbowl with Limelight and some conditioner to lighten it. whew, got that out of my system. now to take some awesome pics before it’s changed back!

August 17, 2011 style

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king of the pirates

my One Piece shirt I got at Uniqlo! SO EXCITED!! I’M GONNA BE KING OF THE PIRATES! I feel empowered when I wear it, like I am luffy. He will be the king of the Pirates, I believe in him! This picture was taken at our main subway stop on the Maranouchi Subway line, Nakano-Shimbashi! it is a tiny station. it looks pretty old and ignored. there are so many pipes, wires and grimy details on the ceiling, it feels like I am in Akira. the rest of Japan is pretty clean though.

March 7, 2011 style

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The other night I was up till 5 am searching the vast internet about all the information I could find involving To-Y, a rare VHS/Laserdisc-only OVA anime from 1987 about a 16 year old reluctant pop-idol rock star. I found this clip on youtube again, and couldn’t stop watching it. I briefly posted it as a status update on facebook because I was so excited about it. One person I knew was awake. I quickly gushed to him about how much I loved this clip. His response was “that is a very specific thing to love”. It took me off-guard, but it made me happy.


March 1, 2010 days

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