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the best week of my life and the second best week of my life both revolved around a bi-yearly event. fashion week in seoul. for 5 days I am whisked away to another plane of existence, a glimpse into what it would be like to be a sought-after celebrity.

October 26, 2013 days, style

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my mind wanders too rapidly to focus these days. I got my blog back (thanks mom!) but can’t think of one thing to focus on. so from here, I will ramble. It will be as random as a cat in a bag. speaking of which, check out this cat in a bag. my new friend has a cat–probably the best cat I’ve ever met–and this cat has no name. it is fluffy, talkative (only when you first meet) and complacent. he likes to play, but only for a minute.

my new friend and I had a casual Sunday, a type of comfortable hang time I knew existed but hadn’t been available to me for quite sometime. the type of hang out where no plans are made before hand except the reassurance of seeing each other. plans that had no set time arrival or departure. it was quite natural and the hang flow fell right into place, like an easy game of tetris. the type of hang you see common place in 90s sitcoms, where there are no boundaries from neighbors. did I mention, we are neighbors? in a really cool neighborhood? in Seoul?


January 21, 2013 days

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in this outfit, I am an unpopular 12 year old boy. but I am the type of 12 year old middle school boy who doesn’t give a shit, and wears what he likes. I probably read comics during math class and skip after school sports by riding my skateboard down to the pizza joint to play arcade games. girls probably like me, but I am too busy with my paper route and saving up for action figures to notice them. girls are gross anyway.

eat my shorts.

July 29, 2012 style

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Last week was a successful taste of what it would be like to be slightly famous and constantly working. Everything went according to plan in the best ways possible. filmed a local TV commercial (12 hours of reading/sipping tea/napping and 20 minutes of shooting), DJed (=drank/danced) a fun & first J-pop + K-pop dance night, and then nailed a london hair show/runway casting friday night. Spent all weekend getting my hair did by top notch london fashion week stylists, walked the runway and snacked in the catering room at the Neptune Theater.

I took a hardcore nap when I got home on sunday for reals. babylovecrash indeed.


This was taken by one of the cute PA boys on the set of the commercial. I didn’t take any that day, except for when I didn’t know I was eating a gross kumquat and had to ask what it was via the internet. The commercial was shot on the Phantom camera, which is like a literal dream. it shoots at 1500 frames a second, it’s the most amazing slow motion camera of all time. it was used in Sherlock Holmes 2 and Scott Pilgrim. and now I will also be amongst the greats in phantom cam history. at snoqualmie casino! ha! during this scene I was probably 100 pages into my book. they paid me to read all day, basically. I am not even complaining a baby bit. you meet a lot of interesting people in this biz, it’s always fun to talk to people. my scene was me being pumped at a concert. it’ll most likely be 2 seconds long. I am ecstatic.


JK POP! on tumblr and on facebook!


I coerced Devin into coming to the show to take pics and support his model gf (me!). This year was a lot of waiting around compared to last year. I was the demo model twice in the last show and I only walked the runway in this one. but of course, that just means chatting with people and eating food in the back, so I will continually not complain about these minute (fun) matters.

After the show in the “fotobooth” with my lovely supporters Fumiko and Devin <3

January 31, 2012 days

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I’ve been low on funds and paying jobs for the past 6 months since we left Japan. So I decided to change the scenery and try my luck in NYC. I have been here for over a week and I will be here until mid-November. a whole month! couch surfing among friends in the big ole apple, throwing around adorable business cards and trying my luck getting work, money and photo shoots in various ways.

Taking a cab early in the morning across Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan to assist a shoot at Bloomingdale’s. I always feel fancy taking a cab instead of the subway.

I happened upon a craigslist ad that turned out to be way more amazing than I could ever imagine. something about “models wanted”, I applied. I get an email the next day telling me it is more like a cosmetic commercial and I would be a factory worker extra for a few hours and get $100. I assumed it was someone in front of 30 extras in a factory at an assembly line, explaining how the cosmetics were made. They are filming it in Jersey and say they’ll pick me up on the GW Bridge. hm, maybe I am being kidnapped and sold into slavery, but my gut says go with it anyway. long story short, me and one other girl were picked among probably hundreds of craigslist paid ad hopefuls to be STARS of the Korean New Jersey cosmetic factory! AMAZING! An all-Korean crew, I told them I loved SUJU and they laughed. one guy said Shindong was his brother. it was a fun and great crew, a really awesome day.

Then they invited us to film more the next night for more money and told us to bring friends. It was to be filmed at a 24 hour Beauty Salon (of which I found out there are over 300 in New York alone… WHAT). my make up artist made me look incredible. She was super stylish and amazing and so talented. I loved her hair. She told me she has done make up for 20 years and even did Byung Hung Lee’s make up! She didn’t speak too much English and I don’t know any Korean, but I got her info regardless to keep in touch! I brought my friend Jess and we modeled around like it was a Maybelline commercial. I was laughing so much, it was so much fun!

This beauty product commercial will be shown on the KOREAN HOME SHOPPING NETWORK!! How amazing is that? I feel like that should have been a goal already written down but I seem to have conquered it flawlessly already. Thanks Craigslist/Korea!

Also thanks to Korea: K-Pop. Speaking of which, I got a ticket to see SMTOWN LIVE 2011 at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN THIS WEEKEND! I came to New York with $300. I spent $100 on an unlimited metro card and $200 on the ticket. it’s very close to the extended part of the stage, and I am pretty sure I will make eye contact with one of the members of SUJU and either faint & die or telecommunicate bedroom eyes and get backstage. either way, this will be the 3rd time in almost a year that I have seen Super Junior when just over a year ago I thought I would only see them on youtube for the rest of my life.


(I love you devin…! but this is relevant to my interests.)

October 20, 2011 days, travel

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posing in my tent bed with sleepy time pikachu and tokyo le tigre.

but without the cold, hard, wet, dirt ground. I just thought I should let you guys (the 3 of you who read this (hi mom)) know that my bedroom is awesome. When we came back to the states, we rushed to find a place to live. I was severely depressed from the tragedy in Japan and dearly missed our 194 square foot tatami mat apartment. I figured I had to make the best of our situation being back in Seattle and decided I needed a really amazing apartment.

I had always been obsessed with theme hotels (even before Osaka Love Hotels) and knew about the Hotel Fox in Denmark with it’s many different rooms all created by different artists (SO COOL). I saw this room and thought “I could do that”. I already had a collection of forest wall murals. Thus began my creative endeavor to make Devin build us a forest room. Devin only agreed if he could have a side flap to get in and out of the tent because being 6’7″ and just turning 30 he is “too old for this shit”. ‘this shit’ being: crawling in and out of beds. I will forever sleep in some sort of fort that requires crawling and rolling around until the day of my demise. fact.

[nggallery id=3]

Awhile ago I tried to post a picture of my room but no one believed it was mine! I can understand that. who do you know that sleeps in a tent bed in real life? Probably no one, this is totally an internet find sort of bedroom if I say so myself. but someone has to make it (and sleep in it)! Feel free to be inspired to make your own tent/gypsy/cave/bed dwelling! IT IS SO FUN EVERY NIGHT.

September 12, 2011 create, days, photos

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A few days ago Devin and I “celebrated Valentine’s day” (It sort of exists here), and by using quotations I mean, I used that as a reason to get him to take me to a LOVE HOTEL!! (the greatest invention to come out of Japan since sticker picture machines, in my opinion). You may or may not have already heard me ramble on and on about the greatness that is Love Hotels. To my dismay, they are becoming less “tacky” and more swanky. I hear that Osaka has more of the bizarre themed ones than Tokyo. I will do the best research I can on this theory.

The one above is from a hotel in Ikebukuro called “Hotel Aland”. I made another mini video, but it is a lot different tone than the snowy nakano one. some things in the video might need explaining, like the machine in the beginning is how you pay for the room. there are no people in the hotel except for cleaning staff. you pick your room from a touch screen in the lobby, go to the room and once you close the door you are locked in until you pay via this machine. Also in the mini fridge is a vending machine… filled with an assortment of drinks, sex toys, extra condoms, etc. if you press the button the machine by the door keeps track of it and you pay at the end. the amenities of an average love hotel surpass any fancy hotel I can think of! and hey, love hotels can be pretty fancy themselves!

Music is “Brick Road’s Theme” from Earthbound Soundtrack. man, making all these mini videos just makes me want to play Earthbound.

and also we took some purikura pics, because duh. After purikura, love hotels, and doujin buying of the fujoshi kind (that one was just me), we headed home and ate convenience store bento dinner and watched ‘One Piece’ on my laptop. we are up to episode 100 now, but there are 480 (and still going strong). BUT IT’S SO GOOD/HUGE HERE IN JAPAN (FOR A REASON–IT’S SO GOOD!)!!

Best Valentine’s day evs. or just regular day in Japan. you decide.
ps in the pics: kuma is devin’s nickname in Japanese, meaning “bear” and Aka is short for Akachan which means “baby”, which is sort of nickname.

February 16, 2011 create, days

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