color catches my eye. light, shapes, textures, reflections, shadows, something off, something alone, something empty. the things I like to take photos of always involve one of these aspects, but they always start and end in color. I’ve noticed when I edit photos now, I try to color correct based on emotion. “how did it feel in my memory as I took this” is how I decide which adjustments to change.

it’s winter, it’s cold. it didn’t feel that cold outside, but when I think of winter, the light is dim and cool. let’s make the shadows blue and the highlights orange. compliment colors, for a light contrast. lower the saturation, but don’t make it muddy. my blacks have all been void of depth lately. I think it’s a style choice, a photography fad lately. but the underexposed images feel closer to a foggy memory and becomes instantly somewhere you long to be, in the back of your mind. you might be able to feel like the image was something you really saw but can’t exactly recall.


January 24, 2014 photos

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I miss the every day engrish in japan and making it my blog titles. I mean, I miss a hell of a lot of things from japan. when I was in japan, I could only come up with 3 things I missed from america (in order): friends, bbq chips and string cheese. I missed my parents too, only because they love me more the farther away I am.

Devin and I have been settling into seattle again. it’s barely been a month since we have returned. living in japan now feels like a dream. we moved to Queen Anne, in an apartment building that was built during seattle’s 1962 world fair! it’s so cute (I want to say かわいい)! It has windows I have been searching for since 2008. windows to take a self-portrait through with drawings on the glass.

I entered it into the Phoot Camp application. 30 people are chosen, fly down to a reserved awesome area and shoot photos all weekend. I can’t think of anything more amazing then meeting talented people, spending days just shooting and creating awesome things. the gathering and cooperation of random strangers to make something amazing together always brings a tear of joy to my eye. sometimes they pull that shit in commercials and it gets me. damn you, marketing. (I love you movies).

still adjusting to being back, but feeling better with all my friends around. I am quick to adapt so I’m ready to take on things with determination to make japan a reality once again. I signed up for japanese classes, because when I go back I wanna hit on some dudes in the arcade (don’t tell devin). YOSHA~!!

April 20, 2011 days, photos

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just my bear checkin out the sunset from my room, taken with my D90. I’ll miss all the shadows the blinds cause in this apartment. the next one will have some vertical blinds. my sunny blind world will be turned sideways!

February 21, 2010 photos

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