I found my old blogspot blog with a total of 14 posts ranging from 2009 to 2010. I think those were my best internet entries of the online black hole blogging abyss. I would ramble, but short and to the point. one image, no clutter, completely mindless and babbling. the best kind of blog. it was like I knew no one read it, and kept it up only for my own amusement. maybe dashed with a hint of “someone might come across this, but I doubt it” vibe. I was in a ______ time. that could be filled with any typical early 20s adjectives such as “weird” or “lazy” but those times are sort of still that kind of time. I was a little unmotivated, as I seem to recall. but a good, amusing and reflective 14 entries.

present times: still not really capitalizing letters.

currently: reading my 7th of 13 Murakami books. I am always a sucker for a story about folks of the night. one chapter in, I’m diggin it. I just finished Wild Sheep Chase which I didn’t realize was related to Dance Dance Dance, which I read first. I enjoyed both. I like Murakami’s aimless and mediocre main characters. they always get into some sort of mishap adventure involving more interesting people. sometimes I feel like those main characters, although I wish I could talk to cats.

If I have to feel like anyone right now, it’s gonna be Makimura Kaori if you must know.

July 21, 2012 days

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1980s Tokyo, the sun has just set and the giant neon lights begin to buzz. A turn off the avenue leads to a maze of backstreets. the alleys grow darker and damper as you leave the main drag behind. less people, more trash cans. the sound of traffic and feet shuffling die down and a faint music grows louder. turning one last corner, a glow illuminates a dead end. it’s an underground music club. you wouldn’t have known it’s existence, unless you had been there before.  it’s CITY HUNTER, a thriving soulful joint that has somehow sidestepped the flow of time.


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My mom and dad have been married for 28 years. to celebrate, my mom booked them a trip to Hawaii over a year ago. Just a few weeks before they were set to go on their anniversary, my dad was stressing out about our old family dog, Argus. so much so, he suggested I go with my mom on their trip and take his place so he could stay home with the dog. Thanks, Argus! the only great thing he has done for me, karma finally came around. a free trip to hawaii with my mom! what a ridiculous reason to end up on your parent’s anniversary trip, but I wasn’t complaining.

We spent a week together at my mom’s friend’s timeshare on the island of Kauai. it was an old hotel, but served it’s purpose of sheltering us and providing a space to make meals. right on the water, we woke up to palm trees rustling in the ocean breeze at 7am as the sun rose every day. nope, not one complaint.

no wait, I have just one. My mom is never allowed to drive a rental car ever again.

other than that, we had a great time! we are similar travel types. we like to walk around and look at shops and galleries. we like to eat a lot and try new foods. we both enjoy the downtime of reading or napping. and as long as my mom gets to beachcomb, I can wander off on cheesy tourist traps and take pictures with glee!

I spent a lot of time instagramming everything, although I did bring 3 film cameras with me. I can’t wait to get the rolls developed!

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April 25, 2012 photos, travel

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a year ago today, I was in Tokyo. My life was great, although a challenge. I made my biggest dream come true of all time, I was living in Japan. Devin and I were only there a measly 6 weeks when the Sendai earthquake hit. we meant to stay at least 6 months. after the earthquake, explosions, tsunami, radiation, black-outs, food hoarding and general uncertainty, we had to leave the dream behind. a week later we left tokyo. 30 hours at the airport–the last place I ever wanted to be–and then back to Seattle.

I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish while I was there. I barely knew Japanese, but was just thrilled to wake up everyday and just BE in JAPAN. It was a very difficult route to get to Japan in the first place. I didn’t have a job, and I couldn’t teach English without a university degree. I found out I was allergic to tatami mats and we didn’t have very much money to spend on things like “heat” and “food”. I had a hot water bottle to put in my futon at night to try to stay warm. I ate triangle rice balls every day from the convenience stores. I was poor, cold, with limited funds to ride the subway and hustlin er’ry day to try and find work. but as far as I was concerned, I was living the dream! I was the happiest girl on the planet, in my mind!

I have never felt connected to a huge disaster before, even when they happened to America. I’m not sure why, I have plenty of empathy to go around. I’m not even sure just by me being there the day of the 9.0 earthquake, connected me in a way, because it was on another level I felt so heartbroken over what happened. I felt like an outsider (which I literally was) but I felt there was nothing we could do but get out of the way, I suppose.

every day after the earthquake was hundreds of aftershocks. some over 6.0 more than once a day. It was an adventure, to say the least. I saw the infamous Shibuya Crossing look like a ghost town. no one was at the crossing and all the giant skyscraper video screens were turned off. I am pretty sure very few people will ever see it look like that in their lifetime. bizarro land.

I can’t believe it’s been a year. it’s always interesting to think where you were a year ago today. or 2, or 3. time and life is linear, but I’m rarely ever thinking of the present. I’m always being nostalgic or thinking of the possibilities of the future. I think things are going pretty well right now, but all I want in life is to get back to Japan!


March 11, 2012 days, style

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I started reading again. It’s a bizarre thing to say, but I hadn’t read a book in ages. sure, magazines and manga I have read. instruction books and backs of shampoo bottles–but no novels in years. I worked at the largest video store in the WORLD for nearly 5 years, why would I make time to read when I could be watching any movie at any point from any country at my disposal? well it turns out books are pretty cool, and you should make the time to read.

About the last few books I have read–


February 27, 2012 days

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in the first 2 weeks of feb I had 5 test shoots I coordinated with various photographers. it was pretty exciting. one of the shoots I did involved projecting images onto a wall/me, which was lots of fun. This one I did with Erik Simkins, who has some great street photography and behind the scenes stuff on his site. We worked only with film, and I really like how the grain and roughness of these photos give it another dimension of sort.

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There was a kitten there named Edda, who looked like a tiny mainecoon cat. well, I assumed it was a cat but it was shaved in a way that it could have been an alien species that could mimic simliar attributes of an earth cat. it had giant green eyes that penetrated my soul to it’s core. I was a little obsessed with it because it played hard to get (see: skiddish) unless I had a tiny treat for it, and then it commenced crackhead attack mode.

the apartment in which we took pictures in was not the photographer’s, but a friend of his. it was decorated in a way that when he said he was a graphic designer, I understood immediately. it was very well styled. I hope they are a successful graphic designer, but if not they could always rely on contemporary hip interior decorating as a fall back.

I have many more shoots to post and a few more to come in March. I can’t wait!

February 27, 2012 create, photos

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2012 is going to be big, I feel it in my bones. I wouldn’t describe myself as superstitious, although by definition maybe I am. I don’t mind thinking “because I do one thing a certain way, it will affect something completely uncontrollable or unrelated”, because I like to make believe. I believe what you do on New Years will affect what’s to come next. I like to spend it with people that I hope to see a lot of and I wear an outfit that might sway the theme of the new year. you got to set it off right! not every year is going to be spectacular, some have more downs than ups or things don’t go the way you planned. but I know 2012 is going to be challenging and life changing more than any other year. If 2011 was a comfortable warm sloth, 2012 is going to be a raging running lion.

January 1, 2012 photos

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Scarecrow Video Christmas Party 2010 from Alex T on Vimeo.

This is about 6 months late, but I filmed my last official Scarecrow Video Christmas party with my Nikon D90 of all of us doing our laid-back karaoke thang at the Sunset in Ballard. Finally just edited it the other day. Music is from the Danger Diabolik OST, by Enno Morricone.

June 10, 2011 create

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It is already June. It’s hard to tell, since the weather hasn’t really changed in 6 months, but the days are flying by in 2011. I am technically unemployed since we got back from Japan, end of March. Although I really have 5 jobs, just none are paying me right away… One thing I have been lucky enough to stumble upon is doing HAIR SHOWS! My first in April was a lot of fun, and paid pretty well for just sitting and getting my hair did for free on stage! I did one in Mid-May for Ed Wyse who hosted some international Super Stylists (I just made that name up, I doubt that is official) from London!! They were all super cute and of course had adorable accents. swoon.

This was the stage in the Seattle Hyatt. over 400 people were there who paid $150 a TICKET to see these guys show off the new line of looks from London. it was pretty cool. All the models were dressed up and did a runway show, where they talked about their cuts. the other part of the show was live demonstration, of which I was part of twice! Cut for the first one and color for the second round! pretty exciting.

It was a fun opportunity, although it is still a lot of work. I didn’t get paid for this job, but I met a lot of cool people ANNNDDD!!! I got SCOUTED to be a model for SMG! I will be getting my test shots done today, nervous and excited. especially since I might have the opportunity to go to Japan on a visa and model through SMG! THAT IS MY (CURRENT/MOST URGENT) DREAM GOAL!! I hope to work hard and get a good portfolio so I can get back to my adopted Homeland ASAP!

Jen Moore took all these pics of me on stage. I could see her out of the corner of my eye, crawling around and getting really into taking photos. I tried so hard not to laugh. I was so thrilled she was there with me, experiencing this event! She took so many great photos, too!! I felt famous! One day when I really am famous, I can’t wait to take all my best friends around the world on trips with me. that is the real dream! This photo is of me on the monitors and after the haircut Anthony (pronounced AN-TON-ee, thank you) gave me a sweet mod undercut.

After the show was over, here is me with the color done by Jayson! He was so cool, I adored him. he wore the most stylish outfits. These shows are so inspiring when I meet jetsetting rich talented artists, I want to be on their level. I want that life. best way to get what you want is to surround yourself with people who have it, and work hard. the second part is a little tricky but I think I can pull it off.

“If you want something enough and your heart is pure, wondrous things can happen!” – Joey, Friends
(yeah I know, but it’s relevant)

I have another audition tomorrow for a hair show this weekend! it’s for Bumble2Bumble,  I auditioned for them once in 2007 when I was recruited on myspace. They were nice and promised they would call but never did. I was recruited again through model mayhem–I hope they pick me this time… it’s a paying gig!

June 9, 2011 days, style

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A few days ago Devin and I “celebrated Valentine’s day” (It sort of exists here), and by using quotations I mean, I used that as a reason to get him to take me to a LOVE HOTEL!! (the greatest invention to come out of Japan since sticker picture machines, in my opinion). You may or may not have already heard me ramble on and on about the greatness that is Love Hotels. To my dismay, they are becoming less “tacky” and more swanky. I hear that Osaka has more of the bizarre themed ones than Tokyo. I will do the best research I can on this theory.

The one above is from a hotel in Ikebukuro called “Hotel Aland”. I made another mini video, but it is a lot different tone than the snowy nakano one. some things in the video might need explaining, like the machine in the beginning is how you pay for the room. there are no people in the hotel except for cleaning staff. you pick your room from a touch screen in the lobby, go to the room and once you close the door you are locked in until you pay via this machine. Also in the mini fridge is a vending machine… filled with an assortment of drinks, sex toys, extra condoms, etc. if you press the button the machine by the door keeps track of it and you pay at the end. the amenities of an average love hotel surpass any fancy hotel I can think of! and hey, love hotels can be pretty fancy themselves!

Music is “Brick Road’s Theme” from Earthbound Soundtrack. man, making all these mini videos just makes me want to play Earthbound.

and also we took some purikura pics, because duh. After purikura, love hotels, and doujin buying of the fujoshi kind (that one was just me), we headed home and ate convenience store bento dinner and watched ‘One Piece’ on my laptop. we are up to episode 100 now, but there are 480 (and still going strong). BUT IT’S SO GOOD/HUGE HERE IN JAPAN (FOR A REASON–IT’S SO GOOD!)!!

Best Valentine’s day evs. or just regular day in Japan. you decide.
ps in the pics: kuma is devin’s nickname in Japanese, meaning “bear” and Aka is short for Akachan which means “baby”, which is sort of nickname.

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