Last day over at our friend’s place, the sun setting on the buildings across from his balcony view. also a sign of no more puzzle fighter. I don’t want to brag (except that I do), but over the past two days I have upped my puzzle fighter skill tremendously. although Devin has years of experience on me, I have kept up a fight of worthiness with my cat-girl, felicia. (ps anyone who cosplays this character needs a dad in their life).

after our first visit to tokyo back in 2008, I always remembered the tiny grocery store in our friend’s neighborhood with the veggie characters on the packages. having cute characters representing your food is no new thing in japan by any means–but I was telling everyone about the grumpy mushroom! maybe he’s just bitter and unsure, like he doesn’t wanna be apart of it all. it cracks me up. a character that isn’t happy or smiling or cute, that was new to me. I love grumpy mushroom <3

after being in japan for about 8 days, we found and moved into an apartment. today we unpacked our bags (we brought too much stuff). (as I am writing this, there is an earthquake happening. it is the second since we have arrived. 2 earthquakes (mild, mild, no worries) have happened, but I only remember 2 earthquakes in my entire life growing up in Seattle. I hear it’s “earthquake season” right now…) ANYWAYS. this apartment is great. the neighborhood is awesome. I’m super happy about everything. I will elaborate on those statements later.

a brief night shot from our window. in the top left corner are the ((IN)famous!) shinjuku towers. I was told we are just a 15 minute bike ride from shinjuku. we are 5 minutes walking from a station which is 2 stops from shinjuku. I will post a map of how awesome this is, so you can understand the weight of the awesome.

I can’t wait to properly explore the neighborhood with my camera this weekend! we have lots of accessories to get for the apartment, some we can easily get from a ¥100 ($1) store. man, those stores are great. so useful. tomorrow it is suppose to snow. I hope it doesn’t. I don’t like being cold. >:|

February 10, 2011 days, travel

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Here are some results from the shoot I did last week! Photography by Rachel Sumner and outfits all designed and created by Liz Spencer! Shot at the Seattle public library.

[nggallery id="spenser-shoot"]

Devin has been out of town and I have been all about town. Yesterday was a big day full of movies with gruesome freak-out tactics (SERIOUSLY Black Swan, ENOUGH with the naaaillllsss! made breaking his own arm off in 127 Hours an easy watch!), old (and current) comedy buddies, striped shirts, and boozing with Jenni & Nils(son).

Today was a bit easier, with a short work shift and a (literally) empty korean tapas bar with Caitlin, Reese and Jared. I love them, I laugh (corn and cheese) and learn (gotta start shopping at Grocery Outlet!) so much when they’re around! They were playing K-pop videos on the screen all night and I ate a lot of kimchi. I was pumped about that since the last episode I watched of Boys Over Flowers they were making and eating kimchi. Now I can relate to Korean people, which is exciting.

Tomorrow will be my first (and last) Christmas Eve with the co-workers at Dante’s. even though it is a frat guy hang out next to strip club, it’s a pretty cool bar (excluding beer pong night).

December 24, 2010 days

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Jen and I filmed this last week at my work Scarecrow Video, at 2 in the morning. If by some Christmas miracle I win this contest, I will have monies for Japan and some awesome shoes. I was late entering it, so I don’t think I have a chance at getting enough points, but I would have regretted it even more for at least not even trying to enter! While we were shooting it, every cool dance move I’ve ever known had fell out of my head. I don’t mind at this point, I am just glad I got it done.

December 6, 2010 create, style

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That old comedy poster I did of Derek Sheen being crazy with birds in his beard has turned into his official icon. I cleaned it up and made it presentable. it is now a CD cover, wall poster, calendar magnet, postcard and t-shirt. I couldn’t be more proud. I’m glad he liked it, to say the least! hooray!

November 28, 2010 create

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mostly people complain on the internet. I want to note that things are good and great and getting brighter every day. I’m the poorest I’ve ever been, but I got a lot to look forward to. so much so that I might lose what’s behind me, therefore I make this simple note to myself to remember. things could potentially suck.

but I’m too busy looking to the good stuff! birthday, adventure buddies, ocean shores, camping, L.A., A.J., SMTOWN! Super Junior dreams coming true, fall, rain and then….. moving to JAPAN! somewhere in between there devin and I will be together 4 solid loving years.

reveling in the moments before something may or may not turn sour. I will receive the future with open arms good or bad! ugh, how sappy am I sounding… “life rules!” ha ha, whatever. enjoying it.

August 13, 2010 days

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