Back in November 2010 I was in a hair plan rut, sticking to short and blonde for awhile. Then I finally watched the infamous Urotsukidoji anime. If you don’t know what that is, don’t go and find out. If you do, then you know the sister, Megumi, has awesome hair. I went a similar route, but due to hairshows and what not, I couldn’t grow my hair out to her length. but I like the color!

Don’t tell my agency! in two weeks I’ll have my hair done by a talented dresser from Vidal Sassoon, so it will be fixed and back to blonde soon enough. I just really hadn’t be in control of my own hair for months and it was getting to me. I mixed Special Effects Dye Fishbowl with Limelight and some conditioner to lighten it. whew, got that out of my system. now to take some awesome pics before it’s changed back!

August 17, 2011 style

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It is already June. It’s hard to tell, since the weather hasn’t really changed in 6 months, but the days are flying by in 2011. I am technically unemployed since we got back from Japan, end of March. Although I really have 5 jobs, just none are paying me right away… One thing I have been lucky enough to stumble upon is doing HAIR SHOWS! My first in April was a lot of fun, and paid pretty well for just sitting and getting my hair did for free on stage! I did one in Mid-May for Ed Wyse who hosted some international Super Stylists (I just made that name up, I doubt that is official) from London!! They were all super cute and of course had adorable accents. swoon.

This was the stage in the Seattle Hyatt. over 400 people were there who paid $150 a TICKET to see these guys show off the new line of looks from London. it was pretty cool. All the models were dressed up and did a runway show, where they talked about their cuts. the other part of the show was live demonstration, of which I was part of twice! Cut for the first one and color for the second round! pretty exciting.

It was a fun opportunity, although it is still a lot of work. I didn’t get paid for this job, but I met a lot of cool people ANNNDDD!!! I got SCOUTED to be a model for SMG! I will be getting my test shots done today, nervous and excited. especially since I might have the opportunity to go to Japan on a visa and model through SMG! THAT IS MY (CURRENT/MOST URGENT) DREAM GOAL!! I hope to work hard and get a good portfolio so I can get back to my adopted Homeland ASAP!

Jen Moore took all these pics of me on stage. I could see her out of the corner of my eye, crawling around and getting really into taking photos. I tried so hard not to laugh. I was so thrilled she was there with me, experiencing this event! She took so many great photos, too!! I felt famous! One day when I really am famous, I can’t wait to take all my best friends around the world on trips with me. that is the real dream! This photo is of me on the monitors and after the haircut Anthony (pronounced AN-TON-ee, thank you) gave me a sweet mod undercut.

After the show was over, here is me with the color done by Jayson! He was so cool, I adored him. he wore the most stylish outfits. These shows are so inspiring when I meet jetsetting rich talented artists, I want to be on their level. I want that life. best way to get what you want is to surround yourself with people who have it, and work hard. the second part is a little tricky but I think I can pull it off.

“If you want something enough and your heart is pure, wondrous things can happen!” – Joey, Friends
(yeah I know, but it’s relevant)

I have another audition tomorrow for a hair show this weekend! it’s for Bumble2Bumble,  I auditioned for them once in 2007 when I was recruited on myspace. They were nice and promised they would call but never did. I was recruited again through model mayhem–I hope they pick me this time… it’s a paying gig!

June 9, 2011 days, style

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It’s been done. two weeks ago monday was the day. up until then, the aggravating boring limp hair was driving me to insanity. I could take it no longer, once my mind is set that is all that can happen. turns out most salons are expensive and closed on mondays. I stumbled upon a yelp article with 2 reviews, both 5 stars. a quaint homey salon called “Marcel’s Hair Design” located all the way out in crown hill, open on mondays. I called up and made an appointment. On the other end of the phone was a flamboyant and cheerful middle aged man’s voice. I felt good about that, I wondered if he was Marcel. When all was well and done, I went to pay and not surprisingly found they only take checks and cash. a salon stuck in time! the perfect time for my hair!


April 29, 2010 style

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today I split my ever growing (!!) bangs down the middle. it looks like I should have a ponytail in the back, but there is nothing there! I haven’t parted my hair down the middle since I was 16. I have a large fore(5)head, so after high school I learned to part it on the side, or just have bangs always. Lately I’ve been increasingly aggravated with my hair, and trying new things because I’ve been bored with all my hats. I’ve been resisting so hard to cut it short so I can get a big head of curls soon. so much work! I’m so impatient!

I decided that I won’t cut my hair short (I wanted to this summer) until I leave for Japan. NEW HAIR PLAN! grow it for the next 10 months and towards the end… pink, platinum and lavender. not all at once, though. you’ll see~!

I also wore a feather headband to work with that green poncho and moccasins with big flared jeans. only two co-workers gave me non-japanese peace signs. my mascara and pink cheeks make me want to attempt a doll-like mori style~!!

March 17, 2010 style

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New Wig! Another from the Wicked brand, since I loved that other one so much. this one is a few inches shorter than the dark brown one, and it has long bangs. Long hair is so tolerable when you can take it off at any time! I want to start wearing wigs on the regular. I’m looking into wig holder displays and as soon as I have some extra money, I’m going to start investing in more wigs. I bought both for reasonable prices (under $40!) at a small but large costume shop in Redmond called A Masquerade!

Sometime soon this will appear in a photo shoot I’m doing with Andrew Waits!

I can’t Wait(s)! oh geeze, I went there.

Nearly every time I put something away in the french area at work, I come across a 1960s Bridget Bardot movie and stare at her hair for a really long time. I love big hair. I also love short hair. I love almost all hair. the 60s had a lot of great great hairstyles. probably my favorite, now that I think about it. more wigs where I can do all sorts of 60s hairs please.

on my “to get” wigs list:
light pink bob
jazz fingerwave wig (blonde or red)
shoulder length lavender

Although a lot of times I’m torn thinking that wigs are a cop out and having REAL hair doing REAL things is way better. but all these inbetween cuts are driving me nuts. I messed up my hairplan, it’s taking forever to get to the next style. and sometimes some outfits look better with certain cuts than others. so yeah, I had ACTUAL pink hair once and an ACTUAL blonde mohawk… but my style changes faster than my hair. my hair can’t keep up.

one time I toyed with shaving my head which would give me the excuse to wear wigs everyday. maybe in a few years, if I deem my skull non-lumpy or monster fetus like Britney Spears. we’ll see if I’m still brave enough or good looking enough to pull it off.

I love wigs. (reason number a million why I was born the wrong sex and should’ve been a drag queen.)

March 1, 2010 style

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