bboat stands for BEST BIRTHDAY OF ALL TIME. I just made that up right now, it’s not a thing. well, it’s now a thing because it had to be invented because I HAD THE BBOAT!!! I feel like I’m the only person in the world who cares about bdays. the moment my 24 hours are up, I’m already counting down to my next one. August 16th has got to be the WORST day ever–it’s the farthest away from my next birthday.

Summary in key phrases: bar take-over (mingle upstairs!/dance downstairs!), anime (flcl, cowboy bebop, cyber city, & interstella 5555) on the projection screen all night, 80s/90s mix radio, had bartender (from our PRIVATE BAR) serve a drink I made up with candy fruit slices called “Aces Wild”, 3 outfit changes, 80+ people, instant $300 bar tab covered, DANCE PERFORMANCE WITH JEN MOORE–involving spotlights, a microphone and a janet jackson finale, 3 suju songs on the speakers, multiple cameras, color changing wall lights, and a disco bra.

August 17, 2010 days, style

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mostly people complain on the internet. I want to note that things are good and great and getting brighter every day. I’m the poorest I’ve ever been, but I got a lot to look forward to. so much so that I might lose what’s behind me, therefore I make this simple note to myself to remember. things could potentially suck.

but I’m too busy looking to the good stuff! birthday, adventure buddies, ocean shores, camping, L.A., A.J., SMTOWN! Super Junior dreams coming true, fall, rain and then….. moving to JAPAN! somewhere in between there devin and I will be together 4 solid loving years.

reveling in the moments before something may or may not turn sour. I will receive the future with open arms good or bad! ugh, how sappy am I sounding… “life rules!” ha ha, whatever. enjoying it.

August 13, 2010 days

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