X-mas Miracle

Jen and I filmed this last week at my work Scarecrow Video, at 2 in the morning. If by some Christmas miracle I win this contest, I will have monies for Japan and some awesome shoes. I was late entering it, so I don’t think I have a chance at getting enough points, but I would have regretted it even more for at least not even trying to enter! While we were shooting it, every cool dance move I’ve ever known had fell out of my head. I don’t mind at this point, I am just glad I got it done.


  1. David says:

    I really don’t even know what this is, but I love it.

    • alextthomas says:

      I guess I failed to explain that Aldo Shoe’s is having a “Dance Video” contest. that is the reason this video was made. Thank you, I’m glad it was likable!

  2. Nicoletta says:

    THIS-IS-SO-AMAZING and cute :D
    I love it :D


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